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    My First Triathlon: The Race

    My heart was racing when we all lined up. We started the swim in waves. The elite athletes went first, then the men, then the old men, then us ladies in the hot pink swim caps. I sprang into action and remembered my goal: just …

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    My First Triathlon: Pre-Race Jitters

    The morning of my first triathlon, after I ate peanut butter toast, I left really early to head to the race venue. Normally, being on time for me is being 30 minutes early, so when I say I was early, I mean I got there, …

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    My First Triathlon: So I’ve Been Training… But Now What?

    My mother came to the rescue that Sunday and told me that she ran into a friend at church who is an avid triathlete and that she wanted to give me something for my bike. Since both me and my bike needed all the help …

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    My First Triathlon: My Goal

    Previous post But the world did not end and I woke up the next day with a new goal. I was not only going to do this triathlon, but I was gonna kick it’s butt. Then, I would go into the bike shop and tell …

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    What I Really Hate About Triathlon Training Plans

    Every now and then — but not too often — I get riled up about something. I think usually it’s because of the repetition of something I don’t agree with. Of course I don’t have to agree with everyone and everything one hundred percent of …

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    Fun Triathlon Blog – A Girl, A Guy, And A Tri

    Welcome to, our triathlon blog!     We are just an average couple that wants to bring out the FUN side of triathlon training. Our take is that triathlon training for beginners does not have to be intimidating! Coming from much different athletic backgrounds, …

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    My First Triathlon: Sink or swim

    After that, I checked out the swimming isle. I took a deep breath and bought the cheapest pair of goggles I could find, an ugly black swim cap and an even uglier black Speedo. Eek! I was not looking forward to the swim. Not one …

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    My First Triathlon: A Bike? I Should’ve Gotten A Trike!

    I biked inside on a stationary bike for most of March as I trained for my first triathlon. I enjoyed that because I had a perfect view of the cute guy that worked at the front desk. (This was before I met Davey). The cute …

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    It Was The Best Of Runs, It Was The Worst Of Runs

    On Friday, I was on fire. Amazing songs came up on Pandora, I felt awesome—light as a feather— and I was running so fast! I ran past a girl getting out of her car with 2 boxes of pizza. She looked at me and I …

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    My First Triathlon: A Shopping Spree- This Is Not A Gear Guide!

    Since I already had sneakers and an iPod for the running part, I decided to go shopping for a bike and swimming gear. So naturally, I went to Wal-Mart because I didn’t know if I even liked biking and I figured if I didn’t, then …

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    My First Triathlon, Part One: Why I Decided To Do A Triathlon In The First Place

    After my last soccer practice my senior year in high school, I swore I’d never run another mile ever again. I hated running. It hurt my hips. I also run as slow as a sloth. However, once I got to college, my best friend lured …

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    Why Do A Triathlon? Here’s Why…

    Triathlons are quickly becoming a popular sport. Each and every season, more and more participants are signing up and completing their first triathlon. In fact, every year the number of triathletes completing a triathlon grows exponentially. What was once an exclusive culture has now opened …

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    Beginner Triathlon Training Plans and Tips

    If you are looking for Beginner Triathlon Training information then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to, where we put some personality into triathlon training. Since you are a beginner triathlete and are brand new to the sport, this quick start triathlon blog will …

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