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Beginner Triathlon Training Plans and Tips


If you are looking for Beginner Triathlon Training information then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to, where we put some personality into triathlon training.

Since you are a beginner triathlete and are brand new to the sport, this quick start triathlon blog will help you easily get on your way to finishing your first race–faster than you thought even.

Here’s to the Triathlon Beginner…

First off, Jess and I congratulate you for deciding to train for your first triathlon. Way to go; the worst part is over! Now that you are committed, all you have to do is train for and finish your race. Don’t worry, we’ll be here to help you all along the way.

Beginner Triathlon Training Plans

Beginner triathlon training plans and tips |

When you are just starting out with your training, you will want to find a solid plan that will get you started off on the right foot and headed in the right direction.

In our opinion, it’s important to use a triathlon training plan that is especially for beginners. That way you don’t become intimidated or overwhelmed, and you will obtain only the necessary information that you need to succeed.

Swim, bike, run, transition… You may have each of them down individually, but what happens when they all come together in one event?

That’s why they call it triathlon — an all-new challenge!

Many beginner triathletes find to easy to get bogged down with information overload. The paralysis by analysis problem happens when too many technical details from advanced triathlon training programs become confusing. We recommend taking it back to the basics in simple, step by step approach. Especially for your first triathlon.

Beginner Triathlon Training How-To…

Triathlon training — especially for the beginner — all too often gets way overcomplicated with charts and graphs and training philosophies. Perhaps this stems mostly from the world’s elitists going all-out for the new best record. VO2 Max, fartleks, and carb cycling may be important for the pros, but what about a tri newbie…people like you and me?

Let’s break it down a bit and talk about where to get started from scratch for your first triathlon.

  1. Find a triathlon – Even most small towns are hosting triathlons these days so no problem there. By taking the leap and signing up for it, you will help motivate yourself to get busy training!
  2. Get the right gear for your triathlon – With a pair of running shoes, a place to swim, and a borrowed bicycle, you should be set for your first triathlon.  (check out our  gear guides below)
  3. Train for your triathlon – Simply establish the fact of where you are starting from and set a goal of where you want to go. Be reasonable and perhaps say that just finishing will be enough to make you proud of yourself.
  4. Complete your first triathlon – with the proper training and preparation, race day will be a piece of cake. Then feel free to enjoy some cake, champagne, or whatever you want to celebrate your new accomplishment, you deserve it!

Now there are a few more things to think about such as stretching, strength training, transition areas, nutrition strategies, etc. which we go over in detail in our beginner triathlete training plan. So don’t worry and become overwhelmed by taking on too much at one time. Jess and I will be here to coach you all along the way.

Triathlon Training Gear Guide for Beginners

Jess talks a lot about the gear you’ll need for your first triathlon in these posts here:

Beginner triathlon training plans and tips |

The Beginner Triathlete’s Swim Training Gear Guide

The Beginner Triathlete’s Biking Gear Guide

The Beginner Triathlete’s Running Gear Guide

So check those out and you’ll be well on your way to what’s next…

Beginner Triathlon Training Strength Training Workout

No, It’s not just because I’m a personal trainer that I recommend strength training workouts for triathlon beginners. We’ve seen just how much they benefit anyone training for a triathlon in many different ways. Triathlon workouts prevent injuries, help you recover
faster, build strength and endurance, and even help boost your re cover time after training — yeah, you’ll be unstoppable.

Beginner triathlon training plans and tips |

Jess loves the extra fat-burning and the way strength training workouts tone up her “trouble areas” and as a professional fitness trainer, I can appreciate how cross training workouts make me feel powerful and strong, as well as giving notably more endurance to help me feel great before and after a training session.

I know it’s a lot to soak in if you are brand new at this, so let me boil it down once again.

Be sure that your first triathlon training plan is

1) made for triathlon beginners or first-timers,

2) flexible enough so you can stay with it,

3) includes strength training and stretching workouts

4) and provides triathlon and diet nutrition strategies to help you feel great and perform your best.

So where do we go from here…?

1. You can get a free sample of our beginner triathlon training plan by clicking here. It’s completely free.

2. Stick around our triathlon blogand continue to learn more abouttriathlon training for beginners.

3. Get out there, put in some miles, and start building your confidence!

For more about Davey and Jess and why they started their triathlon blog, click here.



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