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Welcome to, our triathlon blog!



We are just an average couple that wants to bring out the FUN side of triathlon training. Our take is that triathlon training for beginners does not have to be intimidating!

Coming from much different athletic backgrounds, we both love triathlon training for different reasons.


That’s why we started our triathlon blog!


Davey is personal trainer that loves the challenge of combining three unique endurance sports (especially cycling) and attempts to master the technical details of each. He likes to use our triathlon training program to keep him lean and his six-pack abs in peak condition. He also likes to create and design fun and challenging triathlon workouts. He has other fitness blogs, but the new triathlon blog is by far his favorite.



Jess is an ER nurse who took on the challenge of training for her first triathlon all by herself. (Read her first triathlon story here). She wanted to prove everyone wrong that she could accomplish the goal she out to do. Not only did she blow away all her skeptical family and friends, she did way better than she ever thought. That confidence boost carried over into other areas of her life making her an all around stronger women.


The sport of triathlon has enhanced our lives so much and we want to help you reach your goal, beat your time or conquer your fear of doing your first triathlon!

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