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My First Triathlon: A Shopping Spree- This Is Not A Gear Guide!

Since I already had sneakers and an iPod for the running part, I decided to go shopping for a bike and swimming gear. So naturally, I went to Wal-Mart because I didn’t know if I even liked biking and I figured if I didn’t, then at least I wouldn’t have wasted my money on an expensive aerodynamic carbon fiber titanium bicycle… whatever that was.

So I browsed the row of beach cruisers and kids bikes with streamers on the handles and finally found the one and only road bike. It looked un-natural and uncomfortable. I didn’t even know if I could balance on a bike while leaning forward like its design suggested. And I cringed at the thought of resting my tush on such a small, hard seat. Plus, the bike was blue. A blue men’s bike. I figured it was probably no different then a woman’s bike, so for $150 and some change, I had myself a new blue men’s bike. At least it was shiny.

Next stop was the accessory isle. If I was forced into buying a boy’s bike, then at least I could add a feminine touch.

I bought a pretty silver helmet to match the sliver spokes of the wheel. I also bought a cute little pouch that was supposed to rest under the seat and hold tools for changing my tire if it popped. I didn’t think I would ever get a flat tire, but just in case, I wanted to be prepared.

I also bought a speedometer and a seat cushion. Did having a seat cushion make me a wimp? Maybe, but who cares. I was obviously not a star triathlete.

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