What I Really Hate About Triathlon Training Plans

Every now and then — but not too often — I get riled up about something. I think usually it’s because of the repetition of something I don’t agree with. Of course I don’t have to agree with everyone and everything one hundred percent of the time, but when there is something wrong or annoying that is thrown in my face repeatedly (kinda like the Jack in the Box “Jumbaco” commercial on TV right now. I swear if I don’t get that song out of my head soon, I’ll go insane.

And as soon as I get it unstuck, guess what ad plays?) it just gets old. And then I have to say something. So… Here’s a couple things that (really) bother me about triathlon training programs for beginners.

What I Strongly Dislike About Triathlon Training Plans

There’s no flexibility!

First off, not everyone can devote their entire lives to training for their first triathlon. I’m not saying that it won’t take time commitment or that you won’t need to rearrange your schedule, maybe even extensively, but twice-a-day training is a bit much. Not only that, most tri training plans I’ve seen leave no room for flexibility or changing up your triathlon workouts. I mean zero.

“Thou Shalt Run On the Sixth Day and Keep It Holy!”triathlon-training-commandment-gods-finger

But here’s really my deal. What if I just don’t want to drive to the pool today, like I’m just not feeling it at all. But I’m up for run and would be glad to go twice the distance any dumb tri training program gave me.

“But can’t I switch a day?” Nope. “But I just got new running shoes in the mail!?” Too Bad. “I’m running late and all the high school kiddies are going to be in the pool…?” Sorry, Bub.”I Have PINK EYE!” If you don’t swim today, your triathlon days are over for good, forever gone. “Ok… (sulk, sniffle) I’ll swim.”

Talk about Intimidating!

Let me be very honest with you and myself: I’m a personal fitness trainer, and the first thought of triathlon training always makes me kind of squeamish. Like seriously, I have this ingrained mental connection of pain and suffering when it comes to triathlon. It doesn’t stop me, but many times I wonder where that comes from. Actually, I know. Every time I see something triathlon related, it portrays toughness, grueling endurance, pain, sacrifice, etc. (Take a look at this picture and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Why would anyone sign up for that?) This comes from an triathlon-training-painelitist group that wants to make sure everyone in the world knows how accomplished and super-amazing that they are. But what about me, who simply wants to do triathlons for fun and fitness?

They are Very Rigorous and Too Intense for Beginners!

The thing I hate most about triathlon training programs is that beginner triathletes get burned out, discouraged, or injured. Because there is no budging in most tri training plans, beginners feel compelled to bite off more than they can chew and end up choking.

When I train someone, I actually go out of my way to make sure they:

  • Don’t over train
  • Stay confident and encouraged
  • Know exactly what to do every “step” of the way

I know the pros probably bypassed all this tri-newbie stuff, but I assure you that it is so important to get off on the right foot with your first triathlon training. And this is true whether you are training for your first triathlon, or taking your triathlon training plan to the next level (or next distance).

So where does the beginner triathlete go from here…

Stick around and continue reading while Jess and I break it down for you and give you all the necessary training information you need to make your first triathlon a successful, growing experience.

Soon we’ll be coming out with a beginner triathlon training plan, as well as a triathlon strength training workout video.

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