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Why Do A Triathlon? Here’s Why…

Triathlons are quickly becoming a popular sport. Each and every season, more and more participants are signing up and completing their first triathlon. In fact, every year the number of triathletes completing a triathlon grows exponentially. What was once an exclusive culture has now opened up to all and has also moved abroad. Why this growth in popularity and why would you want to do a triathlon?

Why Do A Triathlon

First off, you can train for your first triathlon to gain good health. I do not have to tell you about the physical benefits of exercise. You cannot argue that regular exercise not only helps you feel better, but also helps your body resist terminal illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

Along with that, triathlon training will get you into great shape fast. If you have been looking for a fun way to lose some extra weight, tone up your entire body, and fit back into a pair of skinny jeans, then training for a triathlon is the perfect solution.  When you get bored with running, you can swim. When you feel like another change of scenery, hop on your bike for a ride. Just keep changing your sport all the while toning your hips, thighs, shoulders, and arms.

Perhaps you are looking for the energy to get you through the workday. Although it will not be easy at first, once you fit triathlon training into your schedule, you will discover a whole new way of relating to your daily routine. You will become more productive at work, have tons more energy throughout your day, and I promise it won’t take long until you are hooked on getting in your workout. Numerous studies have proven that exercise increase mental activity and improves focus.

Here’s really my reason why I do triathlons…

A couple of the last two reasons to train for a triathlon are definitely my favorites. Of course we want to live longer and not die of disease, but mostly we all want to live in the now and enjoy life. Well let me tell you that with triathlons in my life, I can do just that. Not only can I stay lean and toned, I can eat more of my favorites foods and still stay lean and toned. And not only do I perform better at work, I perform better in bed. That’s right, in addition to all of the above, research has also proven that the benefits of exercise show up in the kitchen and the bedroom as well. Or both, if ya know what I mean…

So if you are still asking, “why do a triathlon…” Why not?

For fun, for fitness, for weight loss and health, for life, and for happiness, there are many great reasons why to do triathlon. Pick one or pick them all as your motivation, and get out and sign up for your first one. As long as you commit to finishing, I promise it will be a great experience—not to mention full of fringe benefits.

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