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    No Matter How Slow You Run, You’re Lapping Everyone On The Couch: Motivation For Your First Triathlon

    I’m a slow runner. Like, really really slllooowww. I am 6 feet tall and have long legs like a runner, but don’t let my appearance deceive you. I could probably walk faster than I run most of the time. Because of that, when I was …

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    Triathlon Distances

    Lots of people have asked us what the distances are for certain triathlons are so we thought we would make a triathlon distance chart for you. Sprint distances sometimes vary from race to race, Jess’s first sprint triathlon was a 1/2 mile swim, 17 mile bike …

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    Top 7 Training Tips For The Beginner Triathlete

    Top Seven Beginner Triathlon Tips Are you interested in doing a triathlon but don’t know where to start or how to train? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at TwoTri, we offer a fun, fresh and energetic perspective on training for a triathlon, …

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  • Life is like running a race |

    Running Inspiration For Beginner Triathletes

    One of the reasons that people think they can’t do a triathlon is because they are not too crazy about one of the three events. As a beginner triathlete, maybe you’ve are not a strong swimmer, or you the thought of biking makes you cringe. …

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    Jess’s Running Music Mix

    Hey guys! Jess here. I brought my ipod along too. I love to run with music. Davey and I used to go running together and we’d make fun of the couples who would run together while wearing headphones listening to their separate tunes. But now, I …

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  • Why Do A Triathlon: Tight, Toned, And Much More

    Well Here’s Why To Do A Triathlon I’ve heard it all before…    “I want a tighter butt…”       “I want sexy shoulders…”           “I want toned thighs…” If you say you want it all, well then you might just be able to have it …

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    The Beginner Triathlete’s Running Gear Guide

    1. Clothes  We’re not fancy when it comes to running clothes but we do like to coordinate with our sneakers. Seriously, if it makes you feel good, then match your outfit all you want! We usually skimp on buying expensive, name brand clothing so we …

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    The Beginner Triathlete’s Biking Gear Guide

    1. A bike: If you don’t already own a bike or don’t know anyone who you can borrow a bike from for your first triathlon, don’t fret! You do not, I repeat, do not need an expensive carbon fiber bike as a beginner triathlete. There …

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    BeginnerTriathlete Nutrition Problems and Solutions

    As a beginner triathlete, it can be quite a challenge to make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition you need to train for your first triathlon. A healthful diet can help you lose weight, recover faster and have more energy as you train. As a …

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  • Beginner triathlon swim gear guide |

    The Beginner Triathlete’s Swim Training Gear Guide

    1. Swim suit  Obviously you will need a swim suit as you train for your first triathlon, but the style is totally up to you and your preference. Don’t let the pictures of people wearing a little singlet intimidate you from doing your first triathlon. …

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    Winter Triathlon Swim Training – Where To Find A Pool

    Finding a pool to swim in for your triathlon training sounds like a no brainer, right? Wrong. It can actually be harder than you think to find a pool to practice in, and not having access to a pool is one of the top reasons …

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  • Triathlon Training Indoor Cycling – Bike Trainer Review |

    Triathlon Training Indoor Cycling – Bike Trainer Review

    Triathlon Training- Bike Trainer Review It’s getting colder and colder every day here in New Jersey, and I hate to admit it but I’m a huge wuss when it comes to being cold. Ok, so I’m not all that afraid to admit it. After all, …

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