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No Matter How Slow You Run, You’re Lapping Everyone On The Couch: Motivation For Your First Triathlon

I’m a slow runner. Like, really really slllooowww. I am 6 feet tall and have long legs like a runner, but don’t let my appearance deceive you. I could probably walk faster than I run most of the time.

Because of that, when I was training for my first triathlon, I came so close to quitting because I was so scared to be the last person to finish the triathlon.

Since I run so slowly, I usually put a lot of pressure on myself when I run with Davey. I feel bad that he’s running so much slower than normal and that I’m not pushing him. I feel like a blob because I seriously cannot run any faster, and so as a result I get really self-conscious that I lag behind when running up a hill. I’m not trying to make an excuse or anything, but I literally cannot make my legs any faster.

The other day I came across this awesome picture on Pinterest and it has been my running inspiration ever since.



Isn’t that awesome?! So, if you think you can’t do a triathlon because you are a slow runner, then think again!


A triathlon is a great way to push yourself and become more confident regardless of the fact that running is not your strongest sport!


Think about it, the majority of Americans just sit on the couch in front of their TV’s all day. The fact that you laced up your sneakers and went out for a run is awesome, regardless of how slow you ran! It is easy to become discouraged as you train for your first triathlon if you continually compare yourself to the person running on the treadmill next to you.

So before you start training for your first triathlon, we encourage you to have an attainable goal that challenges yourself, and remember, no matter how slow you run, as long as you get out there, you are lapping everyone on the couch!

Read more about how I set my triathlon goal here.


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