The Beginner Triathlete’s Running Gear Guide

1. Clothes

 We’re not fancy when it comes to running clothes but we do like to coordinate with our sneakers. Seriously, if it makes you feel good, then match your outfit all you want! We usually skimp on buying expensive, name brand clothing so we have more money to invest in a great pair of sneakers. Wear whatever makes you feel great and confident! Jess bought a special tank top for her first triathlon to reward herself for all her hard training.

2. Sneakers

Wear whatever you want, but a good pair of sneakers is a MUST! Jess used to have major hip pain whenever she ran and it was because of her sneakers. We are huge believers in getting your run analyzed at a Road Runner Sports store. It’s totally free and Jess has been running without hip pain ever since. After your foot is analyzed, you have the option to purchase customized insoles that are molded to your foot. You don’t have to buy them, but it definitely helps. The best part, though, is that they recommend a few different brands of sneakers that best support your foot and running style. Davey loves his Reebok Zigtech’s and Jess will never again buy another sneaker other than Nike LunarGlide+. Sneakers are a great investment and honestly, you really can’t put a price on a shoe that will help prevent injury and pain, especially when training for your first triathlon.

3. Ipod {optional}

Jess loves to run with music; Davey doesn’t. This is totally a matter of preference. If you train for your first triathlon with music, then make sure you check ahead of time and see if your race allows mP3 players, because some races don’t. If your triathlon lets you use an mP3 player, then make a special music mix for your first triathlon! There are some awesome websites, like that offer free, energetic mixes that reduce boredom and keep you motivated. Listening to upbeat music is also a great way to keep a steady pace. You can even play Pandora right from your smart phone as you run… Jess loves the techno station. Check out Jess’s playlist here.

4. Headphones {optional}

If you listen to music while you run, these headphones are a gem. Unless you have a pair of amazing ears, you could spend your entire run putting your earbuds back in your ears, I know I have. On the other hand, a big pair of headphones usually gives me {Jess} a headache. These headphones are the perfect compromise. They clip around your ears perfectly and sound amazing.

Another optional items that aren’t pictured are sunglasses, a hat and a watch. Running is a very flexible, inexpensive sport and so, as a beginner triathlete, you can simply lace up your sneakers and go, or get all the fancy gadgets. When we lived in sunny southern California, we always wore shades when we ran. However, if you run on a treadmill, you probably won’t need sunglasses. A hat is a matter of preference and is a great way to ensure that your hair looks good the entire run! Also, a watch is a great idea if you want to beat your time or track your progress as you train for your first triathlon.

Happy running!

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