Triathlon Distances

Lots of people have asked us what the distances are for certain triathlons are so we thought we would make a triathlon distance chart for you.

Sprint distances sometimes vary from race to race, Jess’s first sprint triathlon was a 1/2 mile swim, 17 mile bike and a 5 mile run} but the other distances are usually consistent with the lengths shown in the table above. Half Ironman races are also called an Ironman 70.3. The 70.3 stands for the total number of miles raced.

As a beginner triathlete, it can be confusing to try to convert kilometers and meters into miles so that you can train appropriately for your first triathlon. So here are so quick conversions to get you started:


  • one lap= down and back
  • 1 mile= 36 laps
  • 1/2 mile= 16 laps
  • 1 mile=1.609344 kilometers
  • 1 mile= 4 times around a standard size track


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