Triathlon Training Indoor Cycling – Bike Trainer Review |

Triathlon Training Indoor Cycling – Bike Trainer Review

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Triathlon Bike Trainer

Triathlon Training- Bike Trainer Review

It’s getting colder and colder every day here in New Jersey, and I hate to admit it but I’m a huge wuss when it comes to being cold. Ok, so I’m not all that afraid to admit it. After all, I’m a Southern California guy. I like it warm, dry, and sunny every day of the year.
Seriously though, nothing it more miserable than biking in the cold. Because of the wind chill factor, I can never warm up and losing feeling in my fingers, toes, and face is never fun.
Hence, triathlon training indoors.
Jess and I decided to get each other early Christmas presents this year (always a great idea because we still give each other gifts on Christmas day as well!) because I really wanted a trainer and she really wanted a Kindle.
The funny thing about it is that I let her use my trainer of course, but she doesn’t let me use her Kindle…hmmm.
Anyway, let me tell you about the one I ended up with. After reviewing scads of them (yes, literally scads), here’s the bike trainer review I choose for my indoor triathlon training.
They call it the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 bike trainer. (Mag means it uses magnetic resistance and 6 means it has six levels of resistance, ooohhh…)

But let me tell you what I really love about my bike trainer:

There are 6 levels of resistance… but I’ve only used up to level 3. I’ll admit I’m a little out of shape right now. But that’s why I got the thing!
The company (made by Bell) did what we are doing with triathlon training: they researched and bench-marked all of the best bike trainers on the market to find out the good, bad and the ugly in bike trainers and then set out to improve upon everything.
Needless to say, here at, Jess and I are putting the “best of” triathlon training together, packaging it nicely and adding a touch of personality to it. Just thought I’d throw that in there…

Here are some highlights to my triathlon bike trainer:

  • State of the art magnetic resistance designed, tested and developed by Blackburn
  • Wide range resistance curve with six resistance settings with bar-mounted remote
  • Tubular steel frame with adjustable height – no track block required
  • FastCrank mounting system and class-leading frame stiffness and unsurpassed stability
  • Lifetime Warranty


Here’s why I recommend the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Bike Trainer:

1. The thing is solid, sturdy, and bomb-proof. — I didn’t want something that was going to feel flimsy. I hate flimsy!

2. Added resistance levels on an easy to use dial that mounts to your handle bars. — Most bike trainers don’t offer this, but I think it’s a must because you can dial in “hills” and find perfect combinations of training resistance between shifting the gears and using the dial.

3. Extremely easy to mount and use. — The bike trainer has quick release settings and adjusts very easily. Now if I could just get Jess to raise my seat back up…

4. Best bike trainer you can get for the price. — I was a bit price sensitive in shopping for a bike trainer; I wanted something good quality to train on, but didn’t want to spend more than $300 dollars, especially because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to travel home with it in the future. For $250 and Free shipping, you can’t go wrong with the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Bike Trainer.

I bought here at and was very pleased to get it the next business day.

You can read about my new bike trainer more if you want…

Product Description

Most riders will never need to understand the fluid mechanics of shear stress, magnetic eddy currents or Lens’z Law, and how these things affect a trainer’s performance. But it’s through a thorough understanding of these details (and a bunch of others) that Blackburn was able to develop some of the best indoor trainers on the market for 2010.

We started off by creating our own trainer R&D center complete with a battery of proprietary testing equipment. And then , we tested – some 15 trainers in total – benchmarking everything from frame rack and spread stiffness to thermal decay at 40 mph. We took that data and went back to the drawing board. The result: the Tech Fluid and Tech Mag 6 trainers.

All-new adjustable height frames that set a new benchmark for stiffness and stability. Fluid and magnetic resistance units with carefully sculpted, smooth and progressive power curves to meet the needs of weekend warriors and world class althletes alike.

Even the mounting hardware was redesigned for faster, easier use. So while you’ll never need to know how optimized flywheel weight affects resistance and rollout quality, once you turn the pedals on a Tech Series, you’ll be glad we do.

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