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Winter Triathlon Swim Training – Where To Find A Pool

Finding a pool to swim in for your triathlon training sounds like a no brainer, right? Wrong. It can actually be harder than you think to find a pool to practice in, and not having access to a pool is one of the top reasons many people shy away from triathlons.

When we were living in Huntington Beach, CA, I didn’t swim for months because I couldn’t find a pool. Although we lived just a few blocks from a gigantic pool, a.k.a the Pacific Ocean, nothing beats the predictable temperature and comfortable calm of a pool.

So, don’t be shy a moment longer because we have some pool finding tips to help you train for your triathlon!


Join a gym that has a pool 

If your local fitness center has a pool, then search no more because you just hit the triathlon training jackpot! Not only is the gym’s pool a perfect place to train for the swim, but also by joining a gym, you will now have access to stationary bikes, fitness classes, treadmills and weights! A gym membership can be expensive, so keep your eye open for specials. Sometimes the membership fee will be waived, or if you sign up with a friend or family member, you can get a discount. 24 Hour Fitness often waives their membership fee and they have monthly specials as well. If you’re still a bit intimidated or wary of joining a gym, just go try it out! Most fitness centers offer a trial membership or a guest pass for free. Take advantage of the trial membership and try out all of the cardio machines, check out the locker rooms, take a spin class and, obviously, swim a few laps in the pool.


Join the YMCA

This is what I did for my first triathlon. A gym was too expensive for my college graduate budget, so I joined the Y, which was significantly cheaper. Actually, that’s how I got inspired to do my first triathlon in the first place! {Check out my first triathlon story here.} Anyway, the YMCA had a lovely pool and my only challenge was finding a time when the pool wasn’t being used for a class or for swim team practice. I found the pool schedule online which made it a lot easier to schedule my swim workout.


Town pool

If you’re training for your first triathlon during the spring or summer months, then check out your town pool. If you live in a warm state like Florida, then you’ll be lucky enough to use the outdoor pool year round. You may have to pay a few dollars every time you go, but that could potentially be negotiated if your kids are signed up for swim lessons or if you are really really really nice to the manager!


College pool

A lot of colleges have swim teams and thus have a pool. Some colleges don’t have a swim team, but have a pool. Most of these pools are open to the public for a small fee. Your only challenge will be coordinating with the aqua aerobics class or the swim team.


High school pool

If your local high school has a swim team, then see if they would let you use the pool during school hours. This is an especially good idea if your kids attend that school. Just drop them off, swim your laps {pray your kids don’t walk by and see you in your Speedo and swim cap} and you’re done!


When in doubt, Google it

Thank God for Google! You may be surprised that there are usually more pools in your town then you think! (And speaking of Google, check us out on Google+)

So there you have it!

Davey and I both agree that training in a pool is the best option for anyone who is doing their first triathlon.

It is a controlled environment where you can experiment with different strokes and breathing methods without worrying about being knocked over by a wave, bitten by a shark or swimming in freezing water. Take advantage of the lifeguard and ask them for some pointers. If you’re really courageous, you can even ask them to critique your stroke!

Happy Swimming!


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