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    Basic Running Tips for Beginner Triathlon Training

    Obviously running is a very important part of your beginner triathlon training. Not only is it one third of the overall sport, it’s the last event and final stretch of your race. I know you want to feel good on your run and finish strong, …

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    10 Beginner Triathlon Transition Tips

    It’s easy to get intimidated after reading the some of the triathlon transition area tips that are out there right now. The tips assume you’ve done a triathlon before and can be intense and are usually focused on how to shave seconds off your transition …

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    Triathlon Strength Training Workout Tips

    Some recent research in Triathlete Magazine shows that most people avoid doing a triathlon strength training program. The survey stated that even seasoned athletes were not hitting the gym as much as they should – or at least as recommended by professional trainers. I think …

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    Triathlon Training Treats For Your Valentine

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Instead of getting your triathlete sweetheart a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, show them that you are their biggest fan by giving them one of these treats! It will make their triathlon …

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    The Beginner Triathlete’s Race Day Checklist

    We here at Two Tri want your first triathlon to be a great experience and so we hope that our checklist will help calm your nerves as you rest assured that you have packed everything you need to have an amazing first triathlon! Click here …

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    Triathlete Nutrition Recipe – Soba Noodle Salad With Chicken, Cucumber And Peppers

    How about we give you a recipe for a change?! This is one of Davey and my favorite meals… especially in the summer. However, it’s a perfect light meal during the cooler months too. Make this if you need a break from all the heavy …

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    Are You In A Rut In Your Triathlon Training?

    Then buy some new socks! Specifically some bright neon ones.   Seriously. There is some kind of weird psychological thing that happens in your brain when you treat yourself to something new. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. For $18, I got 6 new …

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    Are You Ready For Your First Triathlon?

    Picture this: It’s the day before your first triathlon and you’re so excited, but also very nervous. You have been training faithfully and you feel ready to race. You load all of your gear in the car the night before because registration starts at 5:00 …

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