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Are You Ready For Your First Triathlon?

Picture this: It’s the day before your first triathlon and you’re so excited, but also very nervous. You have been training faithfully and you feel ready to race. You load all of your gear in the car the night before because registration starts at 5:00 am and you want to have plenty of time to set up your transition area.


The morning of the race dawns and you arrive at the registration table at 5:03. After you get your number and timing chip, you head over to pick a spot to set up your transition area. You are one of the first people to arrive, so you have your choice of spots. You open your bag and gasp. You forgot your goggles, socks and bike gloves! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Race day jitters can lead to forgetfulness. It is easy to overlook something as simple as remembering to pack your socks when your mind is running a mile a minute thinking {and maybe even worrying} about race day.


In order to prevent that from happening to you, Davey and I have put together a Race Day Checklist. We also have a Printable Triathlon Race Day Checklist to ensure that your first triathlon goes as smooth as possible.


We here at Two Tri want your first triathlon to be a great experience and so we hope that our checklists will help calm your nerves as you rest assured that you have packed everything you need.


triathlon race day checklist #TwoTri


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