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Get Your Bike Ready For The Road… And Ready For Your Triathlon!

Spring is here! That means triathlon season is right around the corner! Which also means it’s getting warm enough to train outside! Which also means it’s time to do a little spring cleaning and get your dusty bike out of the garage and get it ready for the road!

Maybe it’s because I’m an ER nurse and bike accidents are a common way to earn yourself a visit to the ER. Or maybe it’s because when I went to get my bike tire changed at a ritzy bike shop in NJ when I was training for my first triathlon, the guy totally made fun of my bike {read more about that traumatizing experience here}. Whatever the reason, I’m a little nutso when it comes to making sure my bike won’t crash with me on it.

Tuning up your bike is easier than you think. We just drove from NJ to CA to our new home in Nashville with our bikes on the back of the Jeep, and I wouldn’t get on my bike if my life depended on it… they’re pretty hashed. Poor bikes 🙁

But that rough ride created a perfect opportunity for us to show you how to get your bike road ready! So watch on and don’t forget to check out The Beginner Triathlete’s Bike Gear Guide and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more triathlon training videos.

And while you’re tuning up your bike, check out this video where Davey shows you how to clean your chain.

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