Your Tri Workout: How Spin Class Can Help You Train For Your First Triathlon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, just sometimes, I have trouble pushing myself when it comes to my tri workouts. Well, maybe that happens more than sometimes. As if training for a triathlon isn’t hard enough, finding time to get to the gym or fit in your tri workout or strength training workout can be tough, much less making sure you push yourself.

 Enter spin class. Let me just tell you-spinning is AMAZINGGG! I was totally skeptical at first and even a bit intimidated. I mean how good of a workout can you really get from a stationary bike? Plus, in any group exercise class, there’s always the element of competition. If you’re anything like me, I want to make sure I’m keeping up with or lifting just as much, if not more, as the person next to me in class. I’m even competitive in yoga class, but that’s another story.

Back to spin class. Whenever I went to the gym, I would peek into the spin room and it was always dark and the music was blasting and it seemed a little… uh… intense. It actually is a lot intense but it’s an amazing workout—you can burn 500+ calories in an hour!

I love taking a spin class as part of my tri workout. I get a great sweat and really push myself. Plus it breaks up the monotony and makes tri training more exciting!

Use spin class to help you train for a triathlon | TwoTri.com

So what exactly is spinning and how does this relate to triathlon training? Spin class is a high-energy group exercise class that usually takes place in a studio full of spin bikes, which are different from a typical stationary bike. Each spin bike has a little knob that you turn to make it harder or easier to pedal and the bikes are designed to simulate a road bike. The instructor faces the class on his or her own bike and calls out commands and leads the ride, telling you when to stand, sprint, sit or add more resistance.

One of my favorite parts of the class is that the instructor will usually pick songs to match the pace so all you have to do is to pedal to the beat of the music! {And you know how I love to use music to motivate myself!}

Taking spin classes have really helped in my tri training because when I bike outside, I never really get a consistent, solid workout. I am forced to stop at traffic lights, and swerve from cars and I tend to coast down the hills and take it easy on the flat road. In spin class, I don’t stop pedaling at all. I don’t have to worry about cars or slick roads or wind or rain… it’s just me and the bike, in a dark room, with the music blasting!

Not all spin classes are dark, but most of them will at least dim the lights and I find that a room without light helps me focus on myself instead of worrying if I’m keeping up with the person next to me. Comparison will discourage you faster than falling off your bike.

Your Tri Workout: How Spin Class Can Help You Train For Your First Triathlon  | TwoTri.com

Biking is the sport that requires the most gear and it can be so easy to see someone with fancy clip-less shoes, an aerodynamic {and expensive} bike, and name brand PADDED bike shorts and think that there’s no way you can compete with them. Well, you’re probably right, but doing a triathlon is not about competing with the elite athletes… it’s about competing with yourself, stepping up to the challenge and pushing yourself to reach your goal.

 Besides being an amazing tri workout, spinning has really helped me to refocus on my own training instead of comparing myself to everyone else. My friend Doug, who is training for a ½ Ironman, gave spin class a try and he’s hooked! It’s a great way to train for your triathlon. So find a spin class near you and get training!

Check out my video on How To Adjust Your Spin Bike.


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