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Noticing the Resources Around You While Training For Your First Triathlon


To date I {Doug} have participated in two Triathlon events, one sprint and one olympic. As I write this, I am training for a significantly longer event, the Vineman 70.3. Like many triathletes I sometimes find myself thinking I’m all alone as I train… thinking it’s “just me”. That is, up until now! This new challenge that I’ve taken on has revealed my need for additional resources beyond “just me”.


So, here’s my question, if there were resources around you…resources that could support and help you as you train for your first triathlon… resources that could make a big difference on the day of your event…then what would it take for you to start using them?


Coaching Moment:

Noticing. Yes, that’s right noticing! Noticing is an important aspect of any type of physical training process. Paying attention to your body and its feedback is essential for maintaining good health as well as lowering the risk of injuries. Noticing is the first step toward accessing any type of resource. And believe me when I tell you…THERE ARE A LOT MORE RESOURCES AROUND YOU THAN YOU MAY BE AWARE OF AS YOU TRAIN FOR YOUR FRIST TRIATHLON! So consider turning up the signal strength on your “awareness radar” and see what valuable resources maybe within arms length of you today.

I’ve been an active member of my gym for three years. The same period of time I’ve been participating in triathlons. Week after week I have watched all sorts of people taking spin classes AND simply told myself that “I didn’t want to do a class or be on somebody else’s schedule”. Then I NOTICED some of the people taking the class. Several of them are people who regularly participate in triathlon events. Hmmm? I said to myself, “Self, there must be something to this spin class thing. Maybe something that
would help me in my training goals.” So, after noticing this resource I decided to talk to the spin instructor and find out more about the class. After talking to her, I decided to give it a try and have really enjoyed the whole experience and I can already see improvements and fitness gains being achieved just during the last month alone!

What I didn’t mention is the cycling portion of the triathlons has been the weakest leg of my events to date. Many of my thoughts about the bike ride portion have been filled with hauntings and daunting pictures of what I may look and feel like around mile 46…right around the spot where the “big hill” is located in the race. YIKES! I can’t tell you how much mental energy I’ve wasted thinking about this versus taking action by accessing valuable resources around me that would support me and help me feel great as I approach the “big hill at mile 46”!

Sometimes resources are present in a simple conversation with some else, possibly someone who has ridden over “the big hill” before and can offer you some encouragement or pointers and advice. Other times, resources may come from reading an article, a book or a blog (don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for tons of great tips as you train for your first triathlon!)

Yesterday, I accessed the resource of a physical therapist friend who offered to provide a running evaluation for me. The experience was amazing! I learned more about my running stride in 1 hr than I’ve known my whole life. I’m looking forward to my next run during which I can make some of the small simple adjustments I received during the evaluation process.


If there are more than enough resources around you to support you in your goals in life…then what are you noticing today?


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