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    Fartlek And Interval Training: How To Run Faster For Triathlons

    Faster Running For Triathletes With Fartlek And Interval Training First of all, a fartlek is not something that happened to you during your last training run because you failed to use the bathroom beforehand. We probably all agree that some words don’t quite work as well …

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  • How to find the perfect pair of goggles |

    How To Find The Perfect Pair of Swim Goggles For Your Triathlon

    How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Swim Goggles For Your Triathlon   To me, finding the perfect pair of swim goggles can be as hard as trying to decide what flavor of ice cream to get at Golden Spoon {my fav frozen yogurt place …

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  • Borg Scale For Triathlon Training1

    What Is Borg’s Scale And How It Helps Your Triathlon Training

    A New Tool For Your Triathlon Training Belt A couple days ago, I wrote a post about “How to Run Faster” by using a couple of basic techniques that require you to pick up the pace at different intensities – a little bit to a …

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    Vineman 70.3 Triathlon

    Even though he got hit by a car (every bikers nightmare), Doug not only completed his first half-ironman, but he ROCKED IT! And he finished the race with a smile on his face! Having trained for and successfully finished 70.3 miles, Doug has some awesome triathlon …

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    What To Do WHEN You Get A Flat Tire… Triathlon Training Trials

    Question:  I enjoy the sport of Triathlon, including the many challenges it offers me, as well as, the opportunities for individual transformation available within those challenges. Each of the three events (swim, bike, run) carries its own unique set of tests, obstacles and variables. For …

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    A Triathlon Training Triumph : How I Set A New PR!

    We made it to California to watch Doug compete in the Vineman 70.3! Since we’re in the midst of our own triathlon training, we went for a run this morning… at 6:30am, (which was really 8:30am Nashville time). Now, I may be a morning person, …

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  • slow-running-turtle

    How to Run Faster Easier

    Sure, everyone would love to be able to run faster and jump higher like the shoes promise. Especially triathletes and the kids that get picked last for soccer in the schoolyard. But the question is, if you want to run faster, are you also willing …

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  • triathlon-strength-training-home-workout-experiment

    Top Moves For A Triathlon Strength Program – Home Workout Experiment

    Two nights ago, Jess had to work at the hospital and I was home alone…bored out of my mind. But I was in one of those moods where, even though I was bored, I didn’t feel like doing anything. Nothing seemed interesting. The only probem… …

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    Triathlon Inspiration: Sweat Is Awesome

    Fit Fluential posted this picture on Facebook the other day and I LOVE it! Especially since  I’ve been sweating like a pig because of the 100+ degree weather we’re having here in Nashville!  But Davey and I think that anytime you get out and work …

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