How to find the perfect pair of goggles |

How To Find The Perfect Pair of Swim Goggles For Your Triathlon

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Swim Goggles For Your Triathlon

How to find the perfect pair of goggles |


To me, finding the perfect pair of swim goggles can be as hard as trying to decide what flavor of ice cream to get at Golden Spoon {my fav frozen yogurt place in SoCal… and on the planet}. To help you find “the ones”, here are a few things Davey and I have learned on our own quest for the perfect pair.


Did you know that there are multiple sizes of swimming goggles? The smaller ones sit inside your eye socket and the larger ones sit on top of your eye socket. We have used both and find that the smaller ones tend to give us a headache, not to mention very un-sexy raccoon eyes. We agree that larger size is much more comfortable. And by the larger size, we don’t mean a snorkel mask 🙂


How to find the perfect pair of goggles |



Trying on your goggles before you buy them will guarantee a comfortable fit. If your goggles stay in place without the strap when you press them around your eyes, you most likely have found a good fit.

How to find the perfect pair of goggles |


We don’t worry too much about what kind of lenses we use, especially since we’re not professional triathletes. But if you’re going to be doing a lot of outdoor swimming, get a pair of goggles that have tinted lenses with UV protection. Tinted lenses are great for race day, especially since most triathlons start when the sun is at the perfect position on the horizon to blind you. Mirrored goggles provide even better glare protection and they’re just plain cool. {And also a great way to check what your hair looks like after you take off your swim cap!} Davey likes to wear clear goggles so he can see more clearly, but I think that the darker they are, the better, especially when swimming in a lake. {I’m terrified to open my eyes and see a fish or shark staring back at me}.



Some goggles an have adjustable nose bridge which are great if your eyes are set further apart. After you place your goggles around your eyes, adjust the straps to ensure that they are snug, but not uncomfortably tight.



Using your own saliva can help prevent your goggles from fogging up. Simply spit into your goggles, wipe it over the inside of the lenses and then rinse them out. Viola! A little bit of saliva can also can help enhance the suction seal around your eyes and prevent leaking. Gross, but it’s free and it works.


How to find the perfect pair of goggles |

While there are a bunch of really inexpensive goggles out there, we recommend investing $15+ into a pair of comfortable goggles that fit properly. And when you find your perfect pair of goggles, you will be more motivated to get in your swim workouts instead of putting them off because you are frustrated at being interrupted by leaky, uncomfortable goggles. {And think of all the money you’ll be saving on headache medication!}

Unfortunately, goggle marks are unavoidable, so thank God for sunglasses!

What are your favorite goggles?

How did you find your perfect pair?

Do you prefer tinted, mirrored or clear lenses?



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  1. Mary Lynne
    Mary Lynne07-22-2012

    I am a Speedo girl! Always used them as an age group swimmer, and bought a new pair a few months ago that I love. I couldn’t believe the difference in my old and new pair. My old pair had foam around the lenses, and while they were “anti-fog” that lasted about 2 minutes. My new ones have some other material, which is really comfy and I haven’t had a leak once. And the anti-fog coating lasted a lot longer. I prefer the tinted lenses for both indoor and outdoor swimming, just my preference.

    Oh, and I definitely agree on the spit to defog the lenses!

    • Jess

      @MaryLynne, thanks for the comment! I’m a total Speedo girl myself! Glad you found a comfy pair that don’t leak! 3 cheers for spit! 🙂