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Triathlon Inspiration: Sweat Is Awesome

Fit Fluential posted this picture on Facebook the other day and I LOVE it! Especially since  I’ve been sweating like a pig because of the 100+ degree weather we’re having here in Nashville! liquid awesome!

But Davey and I think that anytime you get out and work up a sweat, you’re AWESOME! It’s not always the easiest option, and most of the time the couch looks much more comfortable than your bike seat, but you’ll never regret a workout! So get out there and work up some liquid awesome!

And speaking of workouts, Davey is working on putting together some pretty awesome triathlon training videos! It’s gonna be like having your own personal trainer! So stay tuned!

What are some ways that you find time to be awesome and sweat it out as you train for your triathlon?



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