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What To Do WHEN You Get A Flat Tire… Triathlon Training Trials


I enjoy the sport of Triathlon, including the many challenges it offers me, as well as, the opportunities for individual transformation available within those challenges. Each of the three events (swim, bike, run) carries its own unique set of tests, obstacles and variables. For example: What if you get a flat tire during your bike ride segment? What will you do? How will you respond? Do you know how to change it? How long will it take you?

Here’s one more question for you: What does Triathlon and LIFE have in common? That’s right…flat tires. It’s a fact…if you are training for Triathlon…you will get a flat tire sometime. And it’s also a fact…you WILL get flat tires in LIFE. So, what if you prepared yourself in advance for the times WHEN you get a flat tire?


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Coaching Moment: 

Here’s some coaching tips to support you for when, the WHEN, happens (and it will):

  • Mentally prepare yourself in advance for a flat tire moment. This includes lowering your resistance to the inevitable. Fear and anxiety (waiting for the other shoe to drop –  type of thinking) are typical indicators of resistance. And where there is resistance…there is a lot of wasted energy.
  • Normalize the experience. When YOU get a flat tire, simply remind yourself that EVERYONE experiences flat tires. I just had a friend tell me yesterday, he had three flat tires during one bike ride. This can happen in LIFE as well (an unexpected bill, a reversal of a business deal and a misunderstanding with your spouse…all within a 24 hour period)!
  • Refresh and practice your tire changing skills. I’ve been training for The Vineman 70.3 this Sunday. Part of my preparation has included watching some YouTube videos on the keys to efficient tire changing. After I pick up my bike from the bike shop today…I will go home and PRACTICE what I watched. You can do this same thing in LIFE! For example: think of a time when you received an unexpected bill. How did you respond? What did you do? What did you NOT do? What worked? What didn’t work? What are some good ‘take aways’ from your prior flat tire moments in LIFE? Identify them. Write them down. Talk about them with yourself and others and then PUT INTO PRACTICE THOSE ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS BEFORE YOU EXPERIENCE YOUR NEXT FLAT (You’ll be glad that you did)!
  • Embrace the experience WHEN it happens and ‘frame’ it as a RESOURCE. How is a flat tire in LIFE a resource? Answer: changing one flat tire enables you to change the next flat tire with greater efficiency. That’s right.

Nothing can compare with the experience of experiencing your experiences to resource you with the experience needed for the next experience in your LIFE!

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Consider the following quote:

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”– Leonardo da Vinci


Are you sitting back, waiting for when your next flat tire to happen or are you PREPARING for it to happen?


Check out Doug’s website: AwakeCoaching for more great mindset motivation for triathlon training– and life.

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Have you ever gotten a flat tire during a race or while training? 

How did you react?