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7 Reasons Why Training For A Triathlon Together Is Good For Your Marriage

I’ve think that every triathlete/runner/biker/swimmer should add the following commitments to their wedding vows: “I promise to love you…in good runs and in bad, when we’re pedaling along with the breeze at our back and when we’re cranking up a hill fighting against a headwind… and when we feel like we’re up to our necks in hot water, let’s go for a swim!”

This is corny, I know, but you can learn SO MUCH about life from the journey of training for a triathlon (or any challenging event). Your training will help you embrace life’s ups and downs, teach you to go with the flow, help you practice making adjustments when things don’t go as planned and teach you to stick it out when things get tough.

While training for a triathlon has a TON of benefits, it can sometimes creep in and take up a lot of your time, making your loved ones feel neglected. To prevent that from happening, why not get them involved in your training?! Not convinced that working out together is a good thing for your marriage? Think again. Even if you are at different fitness levels and don’t workout out together all the time, there are still a ton of benefits!

Here are 7 reasons why training together with your spouse, or significant other, is good for your relationship.


(Don’t have a spouse? The same goes for a training buddy or friend… except for #6 :-))

7 reasons why training for a triathlon together is good for your marriage | TwoTri.com

1. A Common Interest

You can get matching sneakers! Just kidding. But you can if you want to… we did! Sharing a common interest is not only fun, but you’ll be able to bounce ideas off of each other and find what works best for you. It’s also a lot more fun to experiment with different training plans, energy bars, workout gear and smoothie recipes!

2. A Bodyguard

Well, I don’t know how much good I’d be at protecting Davey, but I sure do feel a lot safer when he’s running, biking or swimming by my side! When you feel safe and protected, you can focus on your workout without worrying about bad guys jumping out of the bushes during your run or sea creatures brushing agains your leg when you’re doing an open water swim.

7 reasons why training for a triathlon together is good for your marriage | TwoTri.com

3. Balance

It it were up to you, would you only run? Does the man in your life only like to lift weights? Coming up with a workout plan that you both enjoy will encourage you to do workouts that you might not normally do and it will add variety which will not only keep your workouts fun and interesting, but it will challenge your muscles in new ways which helps prevent you from hitting a plateau. And that means you get faster results!

7 reasons why training for a triathlon together is good for your marriage | TwoTri.com


4. More Quality Time Together

Since you both have to get your miles in, you won’t feel guilty about making your workouts a priority. You can also keep each other accountable and motivated. Even if you can’t arrange your schedules to go to the gym together every day, working out solo will help reduce your stress and boost your confidence and that will make whatever time you do spend together more enjoyable.


7 reasons why training for a triathlon together is good for your marriage | TwoTri.com


5. You’re In It Together

Your hubby or wife won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public with you when you have helmet hair and goggle marks around your eyes because they’ll have them too! Embracing (and laughing at) the quirks of your training enhances your bond and makes it easy to relate and sympathize with each other because you’re in this together. It’s also fun to have someone to laugh with when your goggle marks won’t go away or when you have… uh… rhymes with ” a loop attack” in the middle of a run. He, he, he!

7 reasons why training for a triathlon together is good for your marriage | TwoTri.com

6. Stronger Muscles & A Stronger Bond

Working out will help you get in shape and tone up which will make you feel sexier. Not to mention it produces endorphins (and gives the dudes a burst of testosterone) which stir up feelings of happiness, ease stress, and also heighten arousal and libido… and we all know what that means… wink wink!


7. Together, Everyone Achieves More

That age old acronym for TEAM has a lot of truth to it! If reaching your own personal goal feels amazing, then imagine how much more amazing it will feel to reach your goals TOGETHER! By traveling the triathlon training journey together, you will experience your own ups and down’s as well as your spouse’s highs and lows. You will go further and do more than you thought possible if you have someone to motivate, encourage and cheer you on along the way!


7 reasons why training for a triathlon together is good for your marriage | TwoTri.com

Still not convinced? Here’s what some fellow triathletes have to say:

Jamie at From Couch To Ironwoman says, “Of course, my husband and I always train together and it just makes us stronger! I wouldn’t want to train with anyone else :)”

Sam Betton thinks that any time spent together as a couple I think is a good thing whether it be training or something else.

May Minnema: “Yes yes yes! I think doing a tri together in the first year of marriage was awesome for us! Because of all the training together you really learn the best ways to encourage each other in the fun days but also in the days you reallly dont feel like doing anything….we learned a lot about our personalities and what motivates each other” 🙂

Valerie Richardson says she “loves training with Doug! He inspires me. When we have our bumps, we get to “work out” those too!” (Doug just ROCKED his first Half-Ironman and although Valerie didn’t do this race, she trained with Doug and cheered him on along the way. I think they’re BOTH pretty proud of that medal!)


7 reasons why training for a triathlon together is good for your marriage | TwoTri.com


So, what do you think? Do you enjoy training together, or would you rather work out solo?


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