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Race Recap – Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Part 1

Here we are the day before the Nashvegas Sprint triathlon picking up our race packets. (I was soooo happy that I was able to switch my shift at the hospital or else I would’ve been working 12p-12a the night before the race!)

Notice that it is a beautiful day…the sun is shining… the birds are chirping, the sweat is dripping down our backs in the 95 degree heat, people are hanging out in the shade texting, and I’m super excited to have my bib number!

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

The race expo, if you can even call it that, was a bit disappointing. Only 4 tents set up in the grass and NO samples. I was planning on filling my bag to the brim with samples. Needless to say, we didn’t stay at the expo very long.

We walked over to check out the transition area and the swim course. Boy, that water looked so nice on such a hot day!

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

I may or may not have been wondering what creatures were lurking in the water just waiting to bite my toes, but I decided to gave a thumbs up anyway… ready for the swim (which is my favorite part)!

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

Then we practiced our finishes and decided on a victory pose to do for the camera the next day.Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

Next stop, the transition area…

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

We had never seen a transition area like this before. Those little boxes were SMALL! We guessed that our bike tire would fit in the slot in between the boxes. And since our sneakers would probably take up most of the room, we decided to pack extra light.

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

The drive home was gorgeous, as you can tell. We admired the puffy white clouds and chatted about our race strategies and what a fun day tomorrow would be. (I took this picture with Instagram if you want to follow me!)

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

Remember when we taught you how to use a Co2 tire inflator to change a flat tire? Well guess what? We used up all of our Co2 cartridges making the video and so our Co2 inflator wouldn’t be much help if we got a flat. So, we stopped by Halcylon bike shop and picked up some spare tires and Co2. (Good thing we did, because Davey got a flat right at the end of the bike!)

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

Then it was off to carbo load… my FAVORITE part!

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

Dinner was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Especially since we got it for free, along with another pizza to go, because a cockroach ran down the wall by our table. Thank you Mr. Cockroach!

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

Then we printed out our TwoTri Race Day Checklist and packed our bags.

triathlon race day checklist |

Then we took off our wedding rings so that we wouldn’t loose them in the Cumberland River during the swim and gave ourselves some temporary tattoos.

Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon Race Recap |

Right before we went to bed, I checked the weather report not even thinking it could possibly rain after such a gorgeous day. But this is what I saw instead:

triathlon weather forecast

Tomorrow would be very, very, very interesting…

… and then we fell asleep to sound of rain… and thunder.

to be continued…


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