To Make Big Strides In Your Triathlon Training, Take Smaller Ones!

If you noticed my run time in the Race Recap post, you’ll see that I ran at a leisurely 13:40 minute mile pace. Yea, it was slow going, but I’m still proud of it. 

Anyway, we did a ton of brick workouts in our triathlon training and I always felt great running after biking… but not on race day! I’m a strong swimmer, a decent biker and a sloth of a runner. Honestly, it was pretty frustrating to start the race off strong and pass people in the water and on the bike and then have EVERY SINLGE PERSON, even the girl who was walking, pass me. Sigh. I tried not to let that whole mental game get me down and I just did like SwimBikeMom says, “Just keep moving forward”.

Anyway, remember how I said that the girl who was walking told me that my stride was too big? Well, that was a hard pill to swallow during the race, and at that point, I couldn’t really control my legs,  but the next time Davey and I went for a run, I decided to give her advice a try.

Guess what?


Here I am after running 5 miles in 50 minutes! I shaved 3 minutes off my pace!


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If you are like me and have long legs, you may be trying to use them to your advantage by taking long strides during your runs.

I found out that when I took long strides, my body was never over my legs which resulted in an overall slower pace. But when I took shorter strides, I my legs didn’t get as tired and I was able to maintain a faster pace.

Taking shorter strides also improves your efficiency and it reduces the movement within your joints which means less ankle, hip and knee pain!

So thanks to the girl who gave me this advice during my triathlon, I am now a short stride convert.

What do you think? Do you take short strides or long ones?

To congratulate me on my running improvement, Davey picked me some flowers 🙂

24 tips for doing a triathlon in the rain |

Do you have any tips for swimming, biking or running faster?


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  1. Francesca Stith
    Francesca Stith06-12-2013

    wow thats interesting. i have been getting into running and my goal is to eventually be able to run 3 miles without stopping and i have loads of energy but my legs get sooo tired so fast. and like you because i was tall i was trying to use it to my advantage and thought people would make fun of me for taking short strides. But hey if a triathlete says i should take short strides i will. i’ll have to try this tomorrow on my run 🙂

    • Trainer Davey
      Trainer Davey06-13-2013

      I thought the same thing, but it really helps! Let me know how your run goes! 3 miles, here you come!