What To Do With Your Valuables During Your Triathlon When You Don’t Have Any Fans To Hold Them

Yesterday Davey and I did the NashVegas Sprint Triathlon. It was quite an experience! It POURED rain the entire time, but we did it!!! And we had a blast! We also learned quite a few things about racing in the rain that we can’t wait to share with you!

Since we recently moved to Nashville, we didn’t have any family to come cheer us on and all of our friends already had other plans. So that left us with a little dilemma… what do we do with our phone, ID, keys and camera while we are racing?

We could’ve kept it locked in our car, but we had to park so far away and we wanted to take some pictures right after the race. We also could’ve just zipped them up in our bag, but even though the transition area is usually well patrolled with volunteers during the race, you never know who could sneak in and snatch your valuables if they’re in plain sight in your bag. So, I came up with this idea:

Where to put your valuables during your triathlon | TwoTri.com

It’s an awesome idea for 2 reasons:

1. Most thieves probably wouldn’t steal deodorant

2. It’s waterproof! It kept my phone safe and dry!

To make your own deodorant cell phone case, you’ll have to steal your husband’s deodorant… shhhhhhhh!

Where to put your valuables during your triathlon | TwoTri.com

Once you have the goods here’s what you do:

Where to put your valuables during your triathlon | TwoTri.com

1. Wind the deodorant all the way to the top.

2. Wedge a flat top screwdriver in between the plastic piece and the outside cover and pry it off.

3. Then pull it out.

4. Pull the “winder” (or whatever you call it) off with a pair of pliers using your strong muscles!

5. With those same pliers, or a pair of scissors, cut off the long stick thing.

6. Viola!

7. Glue the “winder” back onto the deodorant cover. (I used Gorilla glue)

8. There you have it! A perfect disguise to house your phone, ID, credit cards and camera during your triathlon!

**Bonus step: Thank your husband for letting you “borrow” his deodorant and then buy him a new one. 🙂

So the next time you’re wondering what to do with your valuables during your triathlon, hide them in your husbands deodorant case!

Hopefully there are no thieves reading this right now… but if you are a thief, shame on you for trying to steal a triathlete’s stuff. You better be able to swim, bike or run away fast because they WILL catch you… and they’ve been doing our strength training program and they’ve got STRONG muscles, so it’s really gonna hurt when they punch you… or whack you in the head with their medal.


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  1. Davey

    So that’s why I couldn’t find my deodorant the morning of the race!? Very clever, my dear…

  2. Axel

    I’ve got some old BodyGlide bars that are near useless (dried out). They’d be even less conspicuous in my transition bag than deodorant.

    • Jess

      Axel, what an awesome idea! I didn’t even think of using body glide! You’re right… it’d be WAY less obvious! I’d better hurry and use up mine so I can make a case!

  3. tara

    you really need to get rid of that NJ ID

    • Jess