Third Time’s The Charm For 13.1

The triathlon season is nearing a close… but our racing has continued! My first 1/2 marathon | Since doing a Half Ironman is one of our goals, we decided to challenge ourselves and run a half marathon first. If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you’ll know that running is NOT my strong point. I think that’s why I like triathlons so much– because instead of just running, you also get to swim and bike.

However, when we’re not training for triathlons, I try to work on improving my weakest of the 3 sports: running.

The first half marathon I signed up for was the Surf City Half in Huntington Beach, CA. I had just moved there and couldn’t wait to run around my new town. Unfortunately, I was in a surfing accident and I got 13 stitches in my leg instead of running 13 miles.

The second half marathon I signed up for was the Disney Princess Half. I figured that running through Disney Land dressed like a Princess would take my mind off the pain of running 13.1 miles. My friend and I signed up together, but she was the only one who crossed the finish line because I had to work that day.

The third half marathon I signed up for was the Music City Half, here in Nashville. And I’m thrilled to report, I FINISHED!!!!

My first 1/2 marathon |

Here we are at the start of the race. We trained during the summer for this race, and you know how they say not to do/wear anything different on race day? Well, we were wearing shorts and a tank top… and it was 49 degrees. BRRRR!

TwoTri- running in the off season

Mile 1 was intense because after running for only 2 minutes, I had to go to “the bathroom”… if you know what I mean. Thank God there was a shining beacon of hope= an outhouse! Mile 1 was also great because Map My Run said I ran it in 3 minutes. Baahaa! Mile 2 flew by and before we knew it, we we had just run a 5k. Only 10 more miles to go!

Music City 1/2 Marathon |

Mile 3 and 4.Yes, I’m holding a tissue in my hand. It was so cold that my nose was running faster than me. (And snot rockets weren’t cutting it). Also, the reason mile #4 is a pic of our feet is because another runner commented on our matching sneakers. Haha!

Music City 1/2 Marathon |

Mile 5 is the worst, most unflattering picture ever. Mile 6 was a little better. We were feeling really good at this point and then we saw this sign:

triathlon training in the off season

Hallelujah! We made it to 6.5547 miles!

Music City 1/2 Marathon |

Davey ran ahead on Mile 7 to pee in the woods… and I ran my normal pace slow and kept a lookout for him. Mile 8 was great, however, trying to smooch while running and trying not to clank teeth or get poked in the eye with Davey’s hat was quite a challenge. The race photographer captured the moment a lot better than we did!

triathlon training in the off season

Ok, ok. Enough mush. On to mile 9!

hydration for half marathon

Double fisting the water and gatorade. The volunteers were awesome and I was soooo happy every time I saw a water station. By the way, the gatorade made me run really fast and that’s why I’m a blur in the second picture.

triathlon training in the off season

My tissue made it to mile 10! Double digits! Mile 11 is when it started to get really hard and I had do dig deep.

triathlon training in the off season

We got our 12 backwards and so it looks like we ran 21 miles… but that’s kinda what it felt like to me. When we made it to mile 13, 0.1 miles never seemed so long!

triathlon training in the off season

The home stretch!

Music City 1/2 Marathon |

Sprinting to the finish!

triathlon training in the off season

We did it! 2:35!

The saddest part of the race was that they ran out of pizza. Guess we’d better run faster next time, huh? Anyway, we couldn’t get pizza out of our minds, so we got a whole pie to split. YUM.

Music City 1/2 Marathon |

What a journey it has been and what an amazing feeling it is to not only cross the finish line, but to finish the race with my best friend. Davey is so amazing. Seriously. He has put up with my moaning and groaning and bad moods (yes. I am usually in a very bad mood while I’m running) and tears and fears; and has cheered me on and made a big deal of even small successes, like running 1 minute faster than yesterday or 2 miles further than ever before. I didn’t always love it when he said things like, “stop dragging your feet”, “run faster”, “only one more huge hill to go”… but I did love it when he told me I could do it. And he said that a lot. :-) I couldn’t have done it without him. We here at TwoTri think that training TOGETHER is awesome!

Music City 1/2 Marathon |
What do you like to do in the off season?
What was your first half marathon like?


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  1. Chatter

    Congratulations on the half marathon. I do not have an off season as I am working to get ready to do my first triathlon in March and then in May I am riding a century (metric or mile) for Diabetes. Got to train!!! Loved the pictures and once again congratulations.

    • Jess

      Chatter, thanks so much! And congrats to YOU ahead of time on your first tri! We can’t wait to read all about it on your blog! Enjoy your training!