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Trainer Davey and Jess are launching a new beginner triathlon training plan that is entertaining, easy to use, and different than any other plan available. Their unique approach makes training for a triathlon fun and enjoyable which will help you stay motivated and inspired throughout your training.

By the use of online training videos that are categorized by week and by sport, and including mental strategy coaching with printable accountability sheets, the team is looking to help thousands of people to sign up, train for and complete their first triathlon.


Be Awesome Beginner Triathlon Sprint Training Program |

 “We want to to encourage people to believe that they are awesome, and to inspire them to believe that they can do more than they ever thought possible. Our goal is to be with them from start to finish and to help them finish the race with a smile on their face!”


The Best Thing For Beginner Triathlon Training

What inspired you to create this program?

“When we started doing triathlons a few years ago, we ran into a lot of training plans that were intimidating, unrealistic and just plain boring – especially in the ‘triathlon training for beginners’ niche. First off, the sport of triathlon is so often portrayed as elite and intense, and not for any average Joe or Jane.”

“But not all triathlons are like the Ironman Kona where you have to train 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to qualify. Many towns or communities have short distance, sprint triathlons, which is an excellent place for anyone to start – even if you’re currently out of shape.”

“A sprint triathlon is an attainable goal for any beginner because it’s a reasonable distance that most anyone can train for without having to take too much time out of their already busy lives. We believe that training for a triathlon will actually enhance your life.” 

Beginner Triathletes Can Get Started With Small, Easy-To-Follow Steps

“We set out to find solutions for the most common triathlon training problems and roadblocks.  For example, something that holds many people back and keeps them from getting started is the overwhelming feeling of, not only putting three sports together into one event, but transitioning between them while the clock is running. It’s something that intimidated me when I first got started training for my first triathlon, especially when it came to the swimming part.”

Be Awesome Beginner Triathlon Sprint Training Program |

“So we took each aspect of the sport and broke it all down to the basics. Then we compiled all the training materials into a 12-week schedule. The coolest part is that you’ll start with the fundamentals and establish a solid foundation. You won’t be overwhelmed with a ton of information all at once.”

“Then each subsequent week builds upon the last new skill set and continues on. For example, in the first week of running we talk about how to hold your body posture when running and why it is so vitally important in the weeks to come. Once you understand that, then we move on to other techniques that make you run faster, easier.”

Be Awesome Beginner Triathlon Sprint Training Program |

Triathlon Personal Trainer Interaction and Accountability

How is your product different than a book?

“Not only is our plan full of visual instruction and how-to’s, but it is anything but boring! Books with beginner triathlon training plans are great, and we’ve read many of them. But another problem we encountered was that many beginner triathletes were not sticking with their triathlon training programs. Perhaps they would get off to a good start and soon find themselves lacking the motivation to get out there and consistently train on their own.

“Without interaction and accountability, it can be hard for anyone to maintain personal motivation. And that’s another reason we’ve tied in personal training principles to the triathlon training program for beginners.

“Our plan provides you with a printable weekly training plan that contains reminders, tips, encouragement and a place for you to write your goals and schedule your workouts in order to help keep you accountable and motivated.”

Be Awesome Beginner Triathlon Sprint Training Program |

The ‘Be Awesome Beginner Triathlon Training Plan’ Is Now Available for Half Off

How are you able to keep the price of your training plan so reasonable?

“We are firm believers in the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to do a triathlon. While you may need to purchase a new pair of sneakers or a some goggles, but you can borrow or rent a bike and a wetsuit — there are tons of budget friendly options out there. The same goes for our training plan.”

“Most people would love to hire a personal trainer to coach them every step of the way, but they may not be able to afford the expensive sessions. Since I (Davey) am a certified personal trainer, I thought that this would be a great way to offer expert advice for a fraction of the price. It is my passion to inspire, motivate and challenge as many people as possible to complete their first triathlon.”

Be Awesome Beginner Triathlon Sprint Training Program |

“We’ve launched a beta test version of our new video training program for a half price discount, for a couple of good reasons. First of all, it’s because we want to get a bunch of people on board right away so that they can get started training for their first triathlon race event. I’d love to invite you to join us right now, and I’m sure you’ll be very glad you did.”

“Secondly, even though there is already a ton of information there – probably way more than most people need to finish, but we wanted to make sure to leave all questions answered thoroughly and really set beginner triathletes up for success – the program is still evolving.”

“The beginner triathlete video program is based on our race experience as well as my certified personal training experience, but our idea still is to continue to add content and materials based on user feedback. We simply want to make an already great program even better. ”

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