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Not Sure If You Can Do A Triathlon? Read This

2012 is almost over and a new, fresh year is about to start! Have you ever wanted to do a triathlon but aren’t sure if you can? Well, why not be brave and add “do my first triathlon” to your list of New Year’s Resolutions this year and let us help you reach your goal!

The most popular reasons many people shy away from doing a triathlon is because they don’t know where to start {neither did I!}, or they think they don’t have enough time, or they have little to no experience swimming, biking or running. Can you identify? We sure can! And that’s why we want to give you a clear, step by step plan to help you get started!


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Training for your first triathlon does not have to be overwhelming and intimidating! Nor does it have to become a part-time job. Our goal here at TwoTri is to help you train well, stay injury free, gain confidence, overcome your fears, reach your fitness goals, tone up, increase your endurance, and most importantly: 






1. Be brave and sign up for a triathlon!  

We recommend doing a local sprint distance for your first triathlon. That way, you can practice on the actual course! Sometimes the hardest part of doing a triathlon is clicking the button to submit your race registration… but be brave! You can do it! We think you’re awesome!


2. Check out this post

Beginner Triathlete Training and EVERYTHING you must know!


3. Get in gear

You don’t have to empty your bank account to do a triathlon! Find a pool, borrow a bike and a wetsuit, get a pair of goggles that don’t leak… there are also a ton of budget friendly options out there! Check out our Amazon Store for some of our favorite items! Click on each picture to check out our swimbike and running gear guides:




4. Make A Plan

Commit to a training planset a goal and check out these 7 tips for beginner triathletes. And don’t forget to check out our awesome triathlon training program! 


 5. Need some inspiration?

Read my story hereherehereherehereherehere and here. Also, don’t forget to read thisthis and this… they’re guest posts by Doug, our motivational life coach!

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6. Swim

Swim…swim… swim. That is one of the best ways to become more confident in the water… to swim! And don’t forget to get a good pair of goggles!


 7. Bike

Are you borrowing a bike or brushing the dust off of your old bike? Watch these videos and learn how to tune up your bikeclean the chain and change a flat tire. While you’re at it, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more awesome triathlon videos and tutorials! Does the thought of riding a bike scare you? Read this to help you overcome your fears!


8. Run

Here are some basic running tips and some running inspiration. Like to listen to music while running? Check out Jess’s running mix. Feel like you’re too slow? Want to learn how to run faster? I (Jess) even set a PR using these tips and tricks! But remember, no matter how slow or fast you run, you should still be proud of EVERY workout!

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9. Transition

Also know as T1 and T2, the transition is often overlooked in training plans. Check out our transitions tips, and don’t forget to print off a copy of our Race Day Checklist so that you don’t forget anything! No sure what to do with your valuables during the race? Click here.


10.  Just keep moving forward.

Accept the fact that you WILL have some tough days, and it’s OK to have an off day! You can do it! You’re awesome!


11. Is today one of your off days? Are you in a rut in your triathlon training? Read this.

Triathlon strength training workout | TwoTri.com12. Injured or feeling like you’re not making any progress?

Read this to find out why adding a strength training program can help. Ladies, are you intimidated to lift weights because you don’t want to bulk up? Read this. And you don’t need weights. Check out our awesome pumpkin and playground workouts! Learn how to recover faster and prevent injuries here and here.


13. Are you waiting for the perfect time to do a triathlon or to get back into shape?

That time is NOW! Be brave and sign up for a triathlon!  The conditions will never be perfect. We learned that when we had to “embrace the suck” when we did a triathlon in the rain this past summer. Just make up your mind and GO FOR IT! The sport of triathlon has enhanced our life in so many ways! Still not convinced it’s the right time for you to do a triathlon? Read this.


Triathlon strength training workout | TwoTri.com

14. Wish you had a personal trainer?

Well, you can! We have created an AMAZING 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Program (available December 17!)  just for you! It’s just like having your own personal trainer!


15. Stay accountable 

Follow us on Twitter for motivational tweets, like us on Facebook and tell us about your progress, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome triathlon training videos and tips, follow us on Pintrest and Instagram for inspiring ideas and tasty treats, contact us with any questions you have, and leave a comment telling us about your training progress or your first triathlon experience!


We believe in you and are working hard to help you reach your goals!


We’d love to hear about your first triathlon! Leave a comment or contact us with your story so that we can post it to help encourage, motivate and inspire others!


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