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Finish A Triathlon AND Lose Weight? Yes Please!

Wouldn’t it be awesome look back on this year and say that you not only completed your first triathlon, but that you also lost weight, toned up, gained confidence and had a ton of fun?!

New year’s resolutions can be so tricky because everyone wants to be better than they were last year. That “better version” of yourself that you want to become may require you to begin a weightloss program, get in shape, find a new job, make more friends, learn a new skill, travel more often, complete your first triathlon, or spend more time with your family.

Finish a triathlon AND lose weight |

While it would be nice if those things would magically happen and we’d become who we want to be overnight, it actually takes a lot of hard work, particularly in the area of weight loss. And that hard work usually discourages most people into giving up on their resolutions by February.

And speaking of hard work, we here at have been working around the clock to bring you an amazing, easy to use, comprehensive Triathlon For Weight Loss Program.

Not only will the goal of completing a triathlon keep you motivated, but we provide you with a nutrition guide that has tons of awesome tips to help you fuel your body, lose weight and gain a ton of energy and confidence.

Step 1 is to believe in yourself. This may sound far off and dreamy, but we cannot stress how important it is to love your body, be thankful for your life and believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. We’ll be there along the way to cheer you on as well.

Step 2 is to make a goal. The reason that most New Year’s resolutions fail is that people don’t make specific goals. We have an awesome, and free, e-book to help you make a clear goals that you can achieve.

In step 3, we give you some great tips for finding the perfect first triathlon. We’ll give you some guidelines to follow and some things to look for when choosing your triathlon. In the meantime, check out this post: Beginner Triathlete Training and EVERYTHING you must know!

Now that you’re signed up for a race, you’ll need a triathlon training plan! Step 4 contains lots of great tips and things to consider when looking for a plan. Why not head over to and check out our amazing Sprint Triathlon Training Program right now?!

In step 5 we’ll go over healthy eating and nutrition. Now that you’re training for your first triathlon, you’ll need to fuel your body properly. Not only do we have some delicious recipes and easy tips, but our nutrition guide will help jump start your weight loss!

Finish a triathlon AND lose weight |

And speaking of ramping up your weightloss efforts, in step 6 we give you an Awesome Triathlon Training Workout that will keep your metabolism running at high speed throughout the entire day.

And finally, the best part, step 7… CELEBRATE your success! We’re big believers in making a big deal of any success. You’ve worked hard and earned it! What a better way to commemorate your amazing year than to be surrounded by the friends and family members who cheered you on along the way. Who knows, your journey may have even inspired someone you know to start their own triathlon for weightloss journey!

Finish a triathlon AND lose weight |


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