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Your Triathlon Questions Answered | TwoTri.comWhen I was training for my first triathlon, I had a ton of questions. The only problem was that I had no one to ask. As a beginner, I didn’t know any other triathletes and, as I’ve mentioned before, all the books and magazines I read intimidated me and assumed that I already knew what gears to use on my bike, how much air to put in my tires, how to put on a swim cap and what a transition was. The honest truth was that I had no clue.

In our last post, we answered 6 Common Triathlon Questions You May Be To Embarrassed To Ask, but what about those other questions that you have, you know, the ones you’re afraid to ask because you think you should already know.

Questions like, “How do I put on a swim cap?”, “Why is body marking?”, “Can I lie about my age when they write it on my calf?”, “What gear do I put my bike in when I’m going up a hill?”, “I think spandex are gross. Do I have to wear them?”, “What is T1 and T2?”, “How do I figure out how many laps I should swim?” and “Can I just wear my sneakers when I bike or do I need to get those fancy bike shoes?”.

So if you have a beginner triathlon training question that you’re dying to know the answer to, ask us! You can email us or ask us a question on this cool new site called CampTwo.

Here are some of the questions we’ve gotten so far… click on the question to read our answers:

beginner triathlon training question

Triathlon question 1

Triathlon question

first triathlon questions

triathlon bike tire question

And if you have an answer for one of these questions or just some great advice to give a beginner triathlete or someone who is considering doing a triathlon, we’d love to hear from you!!!



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