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Triathlon For Weight Loss Series – How To Find An Awesome Beginner Triathlon Training Plan

Step 4 – How to Find An Awesome Beginner Triathlon Training Plan

There are a ton of beginner triathlon training plans available. The problem is finding the right one for you. Some plans are intimidating and unrealistic, requiring you to workout 7 days a week. Other plans may make you prone to injuries because they don’t teach or show you the proper form to use when doing certain exercises. And still other plans may cause anxiety and fear because they are vague, don’t answer all of your questions or help you overcome any mental barriers that get in your way. On top of that, almost all of these plans contradict one another and they are not designed to help you maximize your weight loss efforts.How to find an awesome beginner triathlon training program |

When looking for a beginner triathlon for weight loss program, you’ll want to look for one that was created by a certified personal trainer or a certified triathlon coach. These plans are safe, effective and designed specifically for beginners. Our beginner triathlon training plan was created by Davey, a Certified Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach who has 5+ years of experience training clients and creating effective ways to help people reach their goals faster and easier.

How to find an awesome beginner triathlon training program |

Another important thing to consider is whether or not your plan has swim, bike and run specific training. A vague overview will not work when training for your first triathlon. It is important to make sure your plan includes step-by-step instructions, tips, training techniques, and stretches that are focused on swimming, biking and running. That way, you will gain confidence in each of the 3 sports as you progress in your training.

In the beginner triathlon training program, we provide 1 swim, 1 bike and 1 running video each week for 12 weeks. We start with the basics and then build upon that foundation as you go along. You’ll also be able to follow along with the stretching and strength training routines which will help prevent injury and boost your weight loss efforts.

Look for a plan that is fun and interesting. If you are bored just reading the plan then you won’t stick with it very long. If there are no pictures or demonstrations then it can be hard to learn the necessary skills you need to change a flat tire or to swim in open water.

Another helpful thing to look for is a plan that gives you instruction for the transitions. The transition is the part of the triathlon when you go from swim to bike and then from bike to run. Our plan offers tons of helpful tips and tricks to help your transitions go smoothly which will decrease any anxiety that you might have.

How to find an awesome beginner triathlon training program |

Lastly, another important thing to look for is mental edge training. Along your triathlon for weight loss journey, you will experience roadblocks. You may loose motivation or feel like you want to quit or get discouraged by a flat tire or another set-back. Our training plan has a weekly “coaching” session with our very own life coach and fellow triathlete, Doug. Doug is the founder of Awake Coaching and provides the beginner triathlete with some great strategies and tactics to overcome many of the common obstacles and challenges most people face when training for a triathlon.

Not only will you need a good training plan, but if you want to optimize your weight loss, you’ll really benefit from a nutrition guide. Read step 5 for our nutrition tips for triathlon training and weight loss.



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