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Triathlon For Weight Loss Series – How To Select Your First Triathlon

Step 3 – How to Select Your First Triathlon

Now that you have a positive self-image, you believe in yourself and you’ve set an awesome goal; it’s time to find the perfect triathlon to train for! If you’re new to the sport of triathlon, then we recommend starting with a Sprint Triathlon (1/2 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike and 3.1 mile run). A Sprint triathlon is the shortest distance and although it is a challenging race, it won’t take up all your time to train for. It is also a perfect distance if you want to boost your weight loss efforts this year because you will be getting a full body workout as you incorporate swimming, biking, running and strength training into your beginner triathlon training program.

How to select your first triathlon | TwoTri.com

When looking for a triathlon, we recommend signing up for one that is close to home. This is for a few reasons. First of all, you can train on the actual course and become familiar with the route. By being comfortable with the route, you will feel more confident on race day, even if it’s your first triathlon. (The above picture shows 2 of the triathlons we’re doing this summer. They’re both local and we can’t wait to train on the course!)

Second, you won’t have to worry about traveling with your gear. It can be very stressful to have to drive or fly to your triathlon and remember all of your gear. If your triathlon is close to your home, then transporting your bike, wetsuit and other gear to the race will be a piece of cake.

Third, you will have a fan club. If you do a local triathlon, you can invite your friends and family to come watch! It is so much fun to hear people cheering your name as you run out of the water or speed by on your bike. Having a support system close by will provide accountability as well as encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

How to select your first triathlon | TwoTri.com

Another thing to look for when finding the perfect triathlon is the date. If this is your first triathlon and you are using the training period to loose weight, you’ll want to find a triathlon that is 3-6 months away. We offer a comprehensive and fun 12-week triathlon training for weight loss plan that you can check out at TriathlonForWeightLoss.com. If you are currently active and already going to the gym regularly, then you can probably train for a triathlon in 3 months. However, if you want to transform your lifestyle and really make healthy living a priority as well as a lifelong habit, then we recommend finding a race that’s 12 weeks away.

Check out http://Trifind.com or  http://active.com to find a triathlon in your area. Now that you’re signed up for a race, make sure you read step 4 to learn what to look for when choosing a triathlon training plan.



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