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Triathlon For Weight Loss Series – How To Set A Goal

Step 2 – How To Set A Goal

Ever wonder why you have trouble reaching your goals? Do keep trying to do things like get in shape, be healthy, and go to the gym regularly? Do you have weight loss goals that seem impossible to reach? Let’s look at why you may be having trouble reaching the goals you’re setting and how you can rewrite your goal to make it achievable!

How to set a goal for your triathlon |

If your goal is vague, then you will never be able to reach it. What does “get in shape” mean? How will you know you’re “in shape”? How long will it take you to “get in shape”? If your goals are unclear, then it causes a lot of frustration and discouragement.

There are a few components to setting a goal that are very important. We teach you exactly how to make an awesome goal in our free e-book: How To Set And Achieve Any Goal, but for now, here are some of the basic elements you need to set a triathlon for weight loss goal or make a New Year’s resolution that you will keep.

First, your goal must be clear. What does “get in shape” mean to you? Does it mean to loose 10, 15 or 20+ lbs? Does it mean to make consistent healthy food choices for your meals? Does it mean that you’ll be able to fit into your size 4 wedding dress? Does it mean to be able to do 20 pushups? Does it mean to have six pack abs and walk the beach without a t-shirt? Get crystal clear about what “get in shape” means to you. Write out each detail. Write out how you want to feel, look and accomplish.

Perhaps you want to complete a triathlon AND lose weight. Get clear about why you want to do that? Having a “why” will really support you along your journey. Your why could be something like, “because I want to lower my blood pressure” or “I want to loose weight to be able to keep up with my kids” or “I want to complete a triathlon to gain confidence and meet new people”. When you have a reason for completing your goal, you will be more likely to stick with the training plan and will be more likely to reach your weight loss goals. If at any point you feel like you want to quit, focus on “why” you’re working towards your goal. This will help inspire and encourage you to keep going.

For the complete goal setting guide, check out our free e-book. Simply enter your email address to get instant access!


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So now that you’ve set an awesome goal, what’s the next step? In Step 3, we’ll talk about how to find the perfect first triathlon and give you some specific things to look for when signing up for a race.

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