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Triathlon For Weight Loss Series – Triatha-Tone Workout

Step 6 – A Sample Triathlon Training Workout

If you have had the chance to read our other articles on triathlon training for weight loss, then you will appreciate how this next idea can really tie it all together to help get you results – and faster. Soon you’ll see that combining a triathlon specific strength training workout with a weight loss plan can solve many of the common weight loss difficulties people face.

Triathlon strength training workout - Triatha-tone |

When you think of triathlon training, beginner or advanced, you probably think of endurance, cardio, long distance, and the like. All that is good and true, and will definitely burn body fat. However, as your personal trainer, I’m here to show you how to reap the many rewards of a solid and scientific weight training routine to supplement your triathlon training.

Cardio training for durations more than 30 minutes is excellent for fat burning and weight loss. After all, fat is the primary source of energy burned in low to moderate intensity exercise. So you will have that part taken care of while swimming, biking, and running in preparation to successfully complete your first triathlon. Now let’s simply maximize the weight loss and body toning, because that’s the part every one really cares about.

I personally advocate strength training triathlon workouts for many other reasons such as increased efficiency and performance, joint integrity and injury prevention, and quicker recovery time after training and racing. But here we’re honing into the fat-burning benefits, and you will also gain those other perks as a result.

By combining your strength training workouts with triathlon training, you will be compounding your weight loss for good reasons.

Triathlon strength training workout - Triatha-tone |

First, you are burning calories with the strength workout, and that’s combined with your cardio.

Next, taking place at the microscopic level, you will be burning extra calories while your muscles are rebuilding and growing stronger.

Then, it will require more calories just to maintain these new muscles you are working. Put it all together and you have increased your metabolism, making it nearly impossible not to burn off extra pounds.

In the following triathlon strength training workout sample, you will see firsthand how you can, not only feel stronger, prevent injury, and boost your endurance, you will add on that fat-burning advantage everyone is looking for to win the weight loss game.

Triathlon strength training workout - Triatha-tone | #BeAwesome

In this step we talked about the importance of following a triathlon training plan that was created by a certified personal trainer. But the majority of people don’t have the time or the money to hire a personal trainer to make them a customized plan. If you’re up for the #BeAwesome in 2013 challenge- complete a triathlon and reach your weight loss goals, then it could be scary to start your journey alone.

For less than the price of ONE personal training session, you can get 12 weeks of videos and triathlon training instruction, how-to’s and more! Not only that, but you’ll have someone to encourage you and cheer you on along the way. (Make sure you check out step 7 to see why that’s so important)


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