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Triathlon For Weight Loss Series Finale – Celebrate!

Step 7 – Celebrate Every Single Success!

The 7th step is an awesome step that you have to look forward to when you finish your triathlon and reach your goal weight!  We here at big believers in celebrating EVERY SINGLE success! Were you able to keep all of your workout “appointments” this week? Celebrate! Did you change your own flat bike tire? Celebrate! Did you swim for 15 minutes without stopping? Celebrate! Did you loose 3 lbs? Celebrate! Did you run further than ever before? Celebrate! 

Triathlon For Weight Loss - Celebrate every success! |

Finishing your first triathlon and losing weight is a journey that is full of good days and bad days. One day you’ll feel on top of the world and another day you might want to quit. Instead of focusing on the bumps in the road, change your perspective and look for things to celebrate!

(And when we say “Celebrate!”, we don’t mean go on a crazy binge and eat a whole pizza or a pint of ice cream. Instead buy yourself that cute race outfit that you can finally fit into, treat yourself to a massage or get together with some friends and enjoy a glass of wine… the point is, there are lots of “healthy” and fun ways to celebrate without sabotaging all of your weight loss efforts!)

Celebrating by yourself isn’t much fun, so we want you to invite your friends and family along on your triathlon weight loss! Maybe you and your friends can train together and encourage one another and motivate one another to not give up! You could also start a blog about your triathlon for weight loss journey… you never know, you might inspire someone to begin their own triathlon weight loss journey!

Also, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are also an awesome way to help keep you accountable and motivated. And don’t forget to share your goals and successes with us too! We’d love to cheer you on and celebrate with you! (Like our Facebook page and Follow Us On Twitter and Pinterest)

After you complete step 3 and register for a triathlon, we challenge you to tell as many people as you can about your race. Turn it into a special occasion and dedicate a special day to remember and celebrate your achievement! Invite out of town friends and family to come and cheer you on as well! Seeing you achieve such an incredible goal is worth the trip! It’s also important to talk about your challenges and to ask for support and encouragement. The more people that know about your triathlon, the bigger your accountability fan club is!

Triathlon For Weight Loss - Celebrate every success! |

Even though we encourage you to tell everyone about and celebrate your successes, don’t be afraid to talk about your challenges and ask for advice. Many experienced triathletes are more than happy to share their own journey with you and pass on any nuggets of wisdom that they’ve gained over the years.

And most of all, we want you to enjoy the process and have fun! There’s no need to put a ton of pressure on yourself or worry about disappointing your family and friends. They are already proud of you! And Davey and I are proud of you too! Taking the first step and signing up for a triathlon is a challenge in and of itself!

Remember to believe in yourself and enjoy the journey. We hope that you will finish your race with a smile on your face! We also want you to feel confident and proud of the weight loss goals you’ve achieved!

Triathlon For Weight Loss - Celebrate every success! |

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