Conquer the hill bike workout |

‘Conquer The Hill’ Bike Workout

Conquer The Hill Triathlon Bike Workout |
On Saturday it was almost 70 degrees. It was such a gorgeous day and I’m sure that if I didn’t have to work, Davey and I would’ve gone on a nice long bike ride to train for our upcoming Olympic Triathlon. But even though I had to spend the entire day inside, I was excited start taking my triathlon training outside later on that week. As I ate my lunch OUTSIDE for the first time since August, I thought, “Spring is finally here!”

Just kidding, no it’s not. As I type this, it’s cold and rainy outside. And the forecast for the week isn’t very promising either. I don’t know about you, but I’m so over the cold weather. I just want to swim, bike and run outside!

So until the weather warms up I thought I’d share my favorite indoor bike workout. I love my spin class, but sometimes it doesn’t work with my schedule. On those days, I’m left to try to push myself to get in a good workout on my own.

Conquer The Hill Triathlon Bike Workout |

Unless I’m biking outside, biking with Davey or in spin class, I have a tendency to slack on my bike workouts. It’s just way too easy to sit there and pedal along on a really easy gear and barely break a sweat. So, I came up with this fun little bike circuit which makes me work up a good sweat and makes the time spent in the saddle fly by! (Yesterday I biked 26 miles on my bike trainer with using workout!)

I like to do this workout on a spin bike, but you can also use a stationary bike or your bike trainer.

Start out in an easy gear and warm up for 2 minutes. Then, every 2 minutes, increase your resistance, or your gear, until you are halfway through your workout and it’s hard to pedal.

So let’s say you want to bike for 30 minutes. At minutes 14-16 (your halfway point), you should have enough resistance to make it hard to pedal. Your legs should BURN! But stay in the saddle because for minutes 16-18, you’ll stand at that same resistance or harder. Push through the pain and challenge yourself! Try to stay standing for the full 2 minute interval… you’re almost at the top of the hill!

Now that you made it up the hill, you get to go down! For the rest of your workout, decrease the resistance every 2 minutes until you are on the easy gear that you started at. Cool down for 2 minutes and you’re done!

Conquer The Hill Triathlon Bike Workout | #BeAwesome

If you feel up to it, try to jump on the treadmill and run for a mile. This will help get your legs used to running right after biking. 



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