A Running Workout That Even Jess Thought Was Fun

Mix up your triathlon training with this fun run workout |

Hey guys! Jess here. If you’ve been hanging out with us here at for any length of time, you probably already know about my love hate relationship with running.

For starters, look at this fabulous picture over on the right… I guess I’ll never be the poster child for correct running form. Also, I’m slowI get easily discouraged… which could possibly be because other triathletes who are walking as fast as I run during triathlons feel compelled to correct my form and give me pointers, I DREAD the treadmill… basically running is my least favorite sport of a triathlon.

But despite all that, I’ve had some glimmers of hope!

I set a 5k PR, completed my first half marathon (If I can do it, anyone can!), learned to take smaller strides and am just trying to fake it till I make it. I LOVE triathlons so I guess you can say that I’ve made peace with running. I’ve also found some awesome music to run to which definitely helps take my mind to a happy place.  And see ↓, maybe my form isn’t so bad after all!

Mix up your triathlon training with this fun run workout |

Last week, I got this great question over at Camp Two:

What is a good running workout to train for a sprint triathlon?
I want do better than just going out for a jog.
Well, we’ll answer that with a video. Davey and I created a triathlon running workout that even I thought was (mostly) fun! Check it out:

Basically along your run, you stop and do a body weight strength training exercise. Get creative and use whatever you find along your run… a park bench, a rock, stairs, a fence… anything goes! And the fun part is that you’ll learn to love all those strength training exercises because it’s like a break from running!

This is an AMAZING full body workout and it’s also great training for your triathlon because doing strength training exercises like squats and jumps simulates how your legs will feel when you run after you get off your bike.

We did a 3 mile run with squat jumps, side step-ups, split squats, front step ups, side steps, grapevines, and side plyo jumps.

Some other great exercises we like to do are tricep dips on a fence or step, push-ups, calf raises on the side of the curb, pull ups if you can find a hanging bar somewhere (well, Davey likes those, not me. I can’t do a pull up) and squats.

See, even if you don’t like one of the 3 sports of a triathlon or you think you’re not very good at swimming, biking or running, you can find ways to make training for it more fun!

For more ways to spice up your run, check out fartleks and intervals.

For more workout videos check out our playground workout and our pumpkin workout.

We want to hear from you! What do you do to make your runs more interesting?


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  1. Axel

    Your fun runs are a lot like my ‘Burbathlon’… check it out!

    • Jess

      Axel, you’re right! your burbathlons look awesome! Way to go!