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  • Life is like swimming in open water |

    Life Is Like Swimming In Open Water

      The first time I ever swam in open water was on the morning of my first triathlon. I figured I’d be just fine having only practiced in a lap pool… water is water,  right?! Here I am, all naive and unsuspecting, right before jumping …

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  • My Fitsok Review |

    Fitsok Will Knock Your (Other) Socks Off!

      What’s better than a new pair of sneakers? A new pair of socks to go in those new sneakers! And what’s better than a new pair of socks? A new pair of Fitsoks! If you’ve read my post about how to get out of …

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  • First Triathlon |

    How To Find A Bike On A Budget For Your First Triathlon

    Hey guys! Have you met my brother Jake yet? (If not, you can read about him here.)  Jake’s tips for finding the perfect bike to use for your first triathlon When I first started to do triathlons one of the biggest struggles I faced (besides …

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  • Guest Post By Jake |

    Meet Jake!

    Hey guys!  I’m so excited to introduce you to my awesome brother, and fellow triathlete, Jake! With three triathlons under his belt, Jake has gained a ton of valuable experience and has lost of great triathlon training tips to share with you! Here’s a little …

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  • #RunForBoston |

    We #RunForBoston

    Yesterday was a day full of exhilarating highs and extreme lows. It was full of emotion, inspiration and unfortunately, heartbreaking tragedy. I keep seeing this quote circulating throughout Facebook and Twitter: If you’re losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon. Through …

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  • Photo 131 E1366051976955

    Life Is Like… Running A Race

    I’m watching a live stream of the Boston Marathon as I write this. I am so inspired by each of the runners and by their stories and by who and what they are running for. Kara Goucher is running to set a personal best. Shalane …

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  • full circle pedaling

    How To Pedal With More Power

    Pedal with power! Let me give you a super quick and easy tip that will not only make you faster and more efficient on your bike ride, but it will also make you faster with your run and will save you that much needed energy …

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  • Life lessons from my triathlon training- Life is like riding a bike |

    Life Is Like…Riding A Bike

      Lately, I’ve been seeing this picture all over Pinterest: That got me thinking how about all of the life lessons that  I’ve learned throughout my triathlon training and how swimming, biking and running are great metaphors for life. So I decided to do a …

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  • triathlon exercise single leg good morning

    16 Awesome Triathlon Exercises

    16 Awesome Exercises for Triathletes… Note: these are some of my favorite exercises for triathlon training because there’s no gym required! All you’ll need are a couple of dumbbells, some determination. (Optional: your favorite pump up music!) In a lot of ways, to me the …

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