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    What To Do When Things Don’t Go As Planned In Your Triathlon Training

    On Tuesday, Davey and I had an open water swim planned for our triathlon training. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the water temperature was perfect. It was a bit windy, so the water was choppy, but that only helped us hone in on …

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    4 Things To Practice To Build Your Confidence On The Bike

    Last weekend, I did 3 things that either scare me or that I have never done before: I biked farther than ever before (30 miles), I rode in a group and didn’t crash into anyone, and I rode on a busy road without having a …

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  • Life is like swimming in open water |

    How To Mentally Prepare For An Open Water Swim

    [I’m linking up with some other awesome triathlete ladies for Tri Talk Tuesday! They all have some great triathlon swim tips, so check them out!: You signed up for what?, The Tri Girl Chronicles and The Cupcake Triathlete.] This is what the Cumberland River looked …

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    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tri Workouts

    In case you missed my post on How NOT To Do Triathlon Strength Training, click here. In it, I talked about how many sets and reps you should do and how long to rest in between; the best types of exercises for triathletes; machines vs. free …

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  • How To Breathe Easier When Swimming

    How To Breathe Easier When Swimming

    Beginner Triathlon Swimming Tips Aside from wondering how to get rid of those ugly goggle marks that never seem to go away, one of the most common things that beginner triathletes are concerned about when swimming is how to breathe. And naturally, this should be …

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  • lee preist is not doing a triathlon strength training

    How NOT to Do Triathlon Strength Training

      When I was about 15, I remember tearing out a page from Muscle & Fitness Magazine and taping it to my bedroom door. The picture was Lee Priest flexing hisbiceps and showing off his Super Man tattoo embedded into the skin of his shoulder. …

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  • What to look for when you want to upgrade your bike |

    What To Look For When You Want To Upgrade Your Bike

     Here are Jake’s tips for finding a bike you like: So, say you’ve done your first triathlon and you have been bit by the triathlon bug. You may already have started training for your next race, but by this point, your cheap or borrowed bike has served …

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