Triathlon Training While On Vacation

Davey and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary with an amazing 12 day rip to Costa Rica. Despite getting our rental car stuck in the mud, driving on insanely bumpy roads for hours, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and having a raccoon steal our snacks at the beach, we had an absolute BLAST, and as with most vacations, we didn’t want to come home. Triathlon training while on vacation | TwoTri.com

We’re not very good vacation planners. We flew to Costa Rica not knowing what we were going to do or where we were going to go or stay or even how we would get there. We ended up renting a car and driving all over the country, trying to see as much as we could in 12 days. We love to explore and eat the local food and find the least touristy places to go… needless to say, we usually need a vacation from our vacation.

Because we’re usually on the go while on vacation, it’s super easy to justify NOT working out. We say things like, “Well, we just did a 7 mile hike”, or “we sure got a great ab workout while trying not to hit our heads on the car window when driving on those bumpy roads”, or “my sneakers are too wet and muddy from when we got our car stuck in the mud”, or “we’re on vacation…” or “we’ll workout tomorrow, for sure”.

Triathlon training while on vacation | TwoTri.com

But since we have an Olympic triathlon coming up in 4 weeks, and are also training for another Sprint Tri as well as a marathon, we figured we’d better not let our excuses get the best of us this time. So we made it happen and got in a few runs and some triathlon training workouts while on vacation.

Triathlon training while on vacation | TwoTri.com

The key for me is to not think of my triathlon workouts as taking away from my vacation, but as adding to it! Going for a run in a new place is not only exciting and a nice change of pace, but it’s a great way to explore!

Triathlon training while on vacation | TwoTri.com

(We brought our goggles in hopes of doing a few ocean swims, but the ocean creeped me out and I was too afraid to get eaten by a shark. I guess I’d better re-read my own tips for mentally preparing for an open water swim, huh?!)

One of our favorite hotels had an awesome outdoor “gym” and we got creative and got in a great strength training workout:

It’s amazing what you can use for a weight and all of the different ways you can get in a strength training routine! So try and fit your workout in so you can flex those muscles with pride… just like the crab at the bottom of the picture.

Triathlon training while on vacation | TwoTri.com

So, the next time you go on vacation, don’t leave your triathlon training at home! Get creative and get in a few sweat sessions! You’ll be glad you did. And we promise that you’ll still have plenty of time for this:

Triathlon training while on vacation | TwoTri.com


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