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Morning Workouts, Running Exercises, & Beginner Triathlon Tips

Happy Friday! We’re on our way to Atlanta for the Color Me Rad 5k! With an 8am start time, Davey and I have been trying to get in more morning workouts so that race morning won’t be such a rude awakening. After some trial and error, we came up with a few strategies that have really helped make mornings less painful. Head over to treadmill.com to read my tips for making morning workouts easier.

Tips for making morning workouts easier | TwoTri.comAnd speaking of injuries, here’s a great workout to help you strengthen you legs and core to help prevent running related injuries: Strengthen Your Stride. And you don’t need any equipment for this triathlon strength training workout!Triathlon training tips | TwoTri.com

Strength training workouts are a great way to get toned, prevent injury and improve your speed as you train for a triathlon. For 8 of my favorite pieces of home gym equipment, click here.

After today, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and resuming my triathlon training schedule. It’s really cool to look back at my first triathlon and see how far I’ve come. Although I’ve made lots of improvements, I learn new things everyday. And that’s why I love triathlons. This sport has enhanced my life and made me a stronger person.

Triathlon strength training workouts  | TwoTri.com

Have a great weekend and happy training!


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