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    Swim/Run Brick Stack Triathlon Workout

    I don’t know if Jess and I have short attention spans or what, but it seems like we get bored pretty easily. We’re not crazy about doing the same triathlon workout over and over.  We love variety. We like to find new places to swim, …

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  • Davey Bday

    Trainer Davey’s Birthday Giveaway!

    Hey guys, Trainer Davey here…  Today is my 31st birthday, and we are celebrating in big ways!  The sport of triathlon has been such an awesome experience for Jess and me, and we love what it has taught us about life, love, and the pursuit …

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  • Jess Tri 1

    Everything You Need To Know About Body Marking For Your First Triathlon

    On the morning of my first triathlon, I had no idea what to do or where to go. I had the classic “deer in headlights” expression on my face but I didn’t notice it at the time because I was too busy trying to calm …

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  • Fotor0818114949

    6 Exercises That Will Help Improve Your Running Posture

    I wish I was the kind of person that was born a natural runner. You know, those people who make running look effortless and enjoyable. The ones with perfect form who look like they’re floating along. The ones who run fast without breaking a sweat …

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  • Be Awesome

    The Impossible IS Possible – Triathlon Inspiration

    If you’ve read our Music City Triathlon race recap, you’ll remember that our numbers were #2 and #3. That meant that we were the second and third people out of thousands of triathletes to jump into the Cumberland River. As nervous as I was to …

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  • Tired Run

    How To Banish The Post-Race Blues

    Can you relate to this? You’ve just finished your first… or fiftieth… triathlon and you’re on cloud 9. With the adrenaline and excitement of race day still coursing through your veins, you feel motivated, inspired and excited to maintain your fitness level and find another …

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  • Screen Shot 2013 08 14 At 10.26.31 AM

    Triathlete Nutrition: My Favorite Quick and Easy Breakfast

    This has become one of my staples of nutrition for triathlon training…it’s so good! As a triathlete, I’m always looking for healthy meals that will not only power me through tough workouts, but are also quick, easy and convenient. This is especially true when it …

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  • Squat Press 03

    Triathlon Strength Training – Time-Saving Combo Moves

    Here’s the usual predicament when it comes to triathlon strength training… You’re a busy person, and you’re training for a triathlon. It’s already challenging enough scheduling in your regular workouts, let alone anything extra. But don’t let your strength training fall by the wayside! Even …

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  • first triathlon

    7 Things You Should Do Before Your First Triathlon

    When I was in nursing school, our professors had us practice giving each other shots so that when we had to give one to a real patient, we wouldn’t be as nervous. Ironically, the first patient I ever had actually asked me, “Is this your …

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  • Screen Shot 2013 08 06 At 3.58.32 PM

    Our New And Improved Triathlon Race Day Checklist

    We’ve updated our Race Day triathlon checklist! When it comes to triathlon, there’s a lot to think about. Goggles, bike, socks, safety pins, race numbers, chapstick… even the most organized, detail oriented person, can forget things and overlook the details when it comes to packing …

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  • Screen Shot 2013 08 05 At 10.20.34 AM

    Music City Triathlon Race Recap – Part 2

    Having fallen asleep to thunderstorms, it was SO NICE to wake up to a gorgeous sunny day. I made a b-line for the coffee pot, at my pre-race breakfast of toast with banana and peanut butter and tried to wake up. Blasting “I Don’t Care” …

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  • IMG 3111

    Music City Sprint Triathlon Race Recap – Part 1

    When we first signed up for this race, we registered for the Olympic distance. But since I crashed my bike  3 weeks before the race and had to take a week off to recover, we decided to do the Sprint instead. And a Sprint is …

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  • Photo 202 E1375105092434

    Triathlon Post-Race Recovery

    We just did the Music City Sprint Triathlon on Sunday and we had a BLAST! Now it’s time for some post race recovery before we kick it back into high gear and continue training for our Olympic Tri coming up in September. If you’re like …

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