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How To Banish The Post-Race Blues

Can you relate to this?

You’ve just finished your first… or fiftieth… triathlon and you’re on cloud 9. With the adrenaline and excitement of race day still coursing through your veins, you feel motivated, inspired and excited to maintain your fitness level and find another triathlon to train for.

How To Banish The Post-Race Blues | 10 Reflective questions to ask yourself after your triathlon | TwoTri.com

You post a few pictures from the race on Facebook and Instagram and the likes and comments start flying in… “Wow, you did a triathlon?!”, “Awesome job!”, “You look great!”, “No one can pull of spandex as good as you.”…ect. You feel pretty good about yourself and what you’ve just accomplished. You’ve worked hard and trained hard for your race and now you’re enjoying all of the encouragement and compliments.

You enjoy a post race celebration meal and spend the rest of the day relaxing and talking about your race, analyzing your swim, bike and run and trying to remember every moment and savor every last detail of the day.

But then it happens. You wake up the next morning and you have the Post-Race Blues. The adrenaline rush fades, people stop asking about your race, you no longer feel motivated and, you justify “just one more” day off or just one more large cheese pizza to celebrate.

How To Banish The Post-Race Blues | 10 Reflective Questions to ask yourself after your triathlon | TwoTri.com

I wish I could bottle the feeling I get whenever I cross the finish line of a race because that amazing feeling seems to disappear way too quickly. But if we just reveled in our past experiences, we’d never accomplish anything new.

I love birthdays, anniversaries and New Year’s Eve. They all represent a fresh new start… a time when you review the past year, make new goals and take a step into your bright new future. And that’s exactly what these 10 questions will help you do: reflect on your triathlon, see what lessons you can learn from your experience, set a new goal and keep on swimming, biking and running into that bright future of yours.

Need help setting a new goal? Click here.

How To Banish The Post-Race Blues | 10 Reflective Questions to ask yourself after your triathlon | TwoTri.com

For a printable version of these questions, click here.

1. Choose one word that describes how you feel after completing this triathlon: _______________

  2. Describe the highlight of your race in detail.

(Make sure to include how your body felt, what thoughts were running through your mind, and everything else you noticed about that moment. Then savor every detail!)


 3. Describe the lowest point of your race in detail.

(Make sure to include how you felt, what was running through your mind, how you dealt with the situation and everything else you noticed about that moment. This will be helpful for you as you learn to bounce back from obstacles and challenges and not let that low point define your race. Learn from it, move on and focus on the highlights.)


 4. How was your race day nutrition?

Take notes about what you ate the night before, how your stomach felt when you woke up, what you ate for breakfast, whether or not you drank enough water or electrolyte drink and how energized you felt throughout the race. If you were low on energy and felt sluggish, use these next few weeks to try different foods, bars, gels and energy drinks so that you’re bounding with energy for your next triathlon.


 5. What do you wish you did differently to prepare for your triathlon?

 6. What was your goal for this race? Did you reach your goal?

 7. What is one thing that you were pleasantly surprised about?

Maybe you scored an awesome transition area spot, maybe the swim wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, or maybe you were surprised at how strong your legs felt during the run…


 8. Now that your race is over, what’s next?  

It’s time to come up with a new goal, sign up for another triathlon or maintain your fitness level. You had an amazing race so let the momentum carry you forward and help you reach your new goal.


9. How many days off will you take before you start working out again?

Do what is right for you and your body. If you need to take a week off, that’s ok. If you are rearing and ready to go after one day, that’s great too. Listen to YOUR body. But it’s important to try to set a date for when you’ll resume your fitness routine or training program again. This will help you avoid the “just one more day off” downward spiral. If you have a tentative start date, then you’ll really enjoy your days off to the fullest without feeling guilty about not working out. And while you’re resting and recovering, you can mentally process your race and prepare yourself for working toward your new goal.

And the 10th question comes from our friend, life coach and fellow triathlete, Doug Richardson, founder of Awake Coaching. Question #10 is actually a series of questions that will help you challenge yourself, push beyond your limits and help you believe that anything is possible… because it is!

 Was there any moment in time during your triathlon training where you wondered, “How in the world am I ever going to do a triathlon?” Did you ever feel like quitting? Well, now that you’ve completed your triathlon, take some time to think about how you just accomplished an incredible goal… one that you may have even doubted you could reach.

10. What are a few specific things that helped you take on this challenge without quitting.

(ie: the encouragement of your husband, or the Awesome Video Training Program that you followed laid things out in a clear way and gave you confidence that you needed to be ready for race day, or something simple like you made a board on Pinterest full of inspiring quotes and motivating pictures and whenever you doubted yourself, you looked at it…)


Now ask yourself these questions:

Where have I limited myself in life?

Where have I decided that I can only go so far?

What is possible if I reach beyond my self-imposed limitations?

Anything is possible… if you believe. And we believe in you.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. 

~Henry Stanley Haskins 




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