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Music City Sprint Triathlon Race Recap – Part 1

When we first signed up for this race, we registered for the Olympic distance. But since I crashed my bike  3 weeks before the race and had to take a week off to recover, we decided to do the Sprint instead. And a Sprint is just as awesome as an Olympic because it’s still a TRIATHLON!

On the morning before the race, we woke up really early and headed to the lake to do some transition practice. Thank God we did, because I ended up getting a flat tire and I forgot how to use my Co2 inflator, so it was a perfect refresher. (Do you know how to fix a flat tire with a Co2 inflator?  If not, click here). All that to say, PRACTICE YOUR TRANSITIONS!

Music City Triathlon Race Review |

From there we headed to the race expo and we got our numbers… #2 and #3. OMG. That meant that we would be the SECOND and THIRD people out of over one thousand triathletes to jump into the river.

And that’s when the butterflies started. We headed down to the swim start and felt the water. It was so much colder then the lake we had been swimming in! We debated on wearing our wetsuits, but decided to take our own advice and not try anything new on race day, and since we didn’t practice swimming with our wetsuits for this race, we’d just have to brave the cold water. Since it hadn’t rained in a few days, there wasn’t much of a current, which was great! And the best part was that the river looked CLEAN! If you remember this post, a few months ago, there were TREES floating down the river. I was also pretty terrified whenever I thought of what creatures lurked under the water. So the fact that the river looked calm and pretty made me relax a bit.

Music City Triathlon Race Review |

The run from the swim to the transition area was allllll uphill and far! After we checked out the transition area and found our assigned spots, we went to drive the bike course. Since the course was on one of the main highways we couldn’t practice on it, so it was helpful to at least drive it so we knew what to expect and how many hills we had to climb. As we drove, we talked about our race strategies and imagined what the race would be like. We were getting so excited and the best part was that the weather forecast was SUNNY! We did our last race, the Nashvegas Sprint Triathlon, in the pouring rain and so we were THRILLED at the sunny forecast! One of our favorite parts about the night before a triathlon is carbo loading. Now, I know it’s totally not necessary, but I’ll use whatever excuse I can to eat a big plate of pasta and pizza! I LOVE carbs.

 Music City Triathlon Race Review |

With our bellies full of pasta, we came home and packed our gear, marked our bikes, applied our TriTat’s and got to bed early. And then it started to rain. This HUGE thunderstorm came out of nowhere and it rained all night. If you’ve read this post, then you know that I’m scared to swim in the Cumberland river to begin with, but after it rains there are usually trees and sticks and gross stuff floating around, not to mention the current gets stronger. Dumb rain.

Music City Triathlon Race Review |

I tried to go to sleep, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the swim and the fact that I had to be the second person in the water. As I tried to think positive thoughts and mentally prepare myself for tomorrows race, I finally fell asleep and had a dream that I got impaled with a branch during the swim. Fabulous.


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