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Our New And Improved Triathlon Race Day Checklist

We’ve updated our Race Day triathlon checklist!

When it comes to triathlon, there’s a lot to think about. Goggles, bike, socks, safety pins, race numbers, chapstick… even the most organized, detail oriented person, can forget things and overlook the details when it comes to packing for race day.

Our New And Improved Triathlon Race Day Checklist |

Take the stress, anxiety and panic out of your next race day and set yourself up for success by using our new and improved race day checklist!

Aside from a packing checklist to ensure that you remember all of your gear, we’ve created a to-do list that includes some important things that you’ll want to do to prepare for your triathlon.

Click here for a printable checklist.

Our new and improved triathlon race day checklist |

And speaking of preparation, here are 5 things that will help make race morning stress-free.

We hope that this checklist will help you have a relaxing and stress free morning so that you can focus on having a great race instead of having a panic attack because you forgot your helmet.

Is there anything we forgot to add to the race day checklist? Let us know!

We want to hear from YOU! How do you prepare for race day? Do you have any tips for staying organized?


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