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  • Hamstring Chair Stretch

    Better Bike Stretches

    Better Bike Stretches  Have you ever gotten off your bike and felt like you had to unbend yourself back to full, upright position like a tri-folding lawn chair? The bike can pose a bit of a problem for many riders, especially when it comes to putting …

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  • Photo 2222

    PRO Compression Socks Review And A GIVEAWAY!

    Feel like a super hero with PRO Compression socks!   After I graduated high school, I swore I’d never run another day in my life. I don’t know if it was all of the timed mile runs we had to do in soccer practice or …

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  • Photo 211

    8 Things We Learned From Our Olympic Triathlon

    Every time we race, we make mistakes and things don’t go as planned. Instead of seeing these things as annoyances and getting discouraged, we try to learn from them. I love hearing other people’s triathlon training and race day tips and tricks  and so here …

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  • Screen Shot 2013 09 11 At 5.44.42 PM

    Riverbluff Olympic Triathlon Race Recap – Part 2

    A few nights before our race, I had had a recurring dream about being late and missing the triathlon. Well, we weren’t late, but we almost couldn’t find our way to the race because it was so foggy out. There’s never a dull moment when …

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  • Adk1

    Triathlon Strength Training – Time Saving Combo Moves Video

    Can you believe it’s September already?! While we’re sad to see summer go, we’re also looking forward to training in cooler weather, breathing in crisp air and admiring the gorgeous orange, yellow and red foliage as we swim, bike and run by. In contrast to …

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  • Photo 205

    Riverbluff Olympic Triathlon Race Recap – Part I

    I love the day before a triathlon almost as much as the actual triathlon. There’s so much anticipation and excitement in the air. From the expo to packet pickup to getting my gear ready to my favorite pre race activity: CARBO LOADING, race day eve …

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  • Screen Shot 2013 09 08 At 10.46.40 PM1 E1378741018954

    Why Do You Tri?

    Davey and I did the Riverbluff Olympic Triathlon on Saturday and we had a BLAST!  There’s something about a race that is so encouraging, motivating and uplifting. There were so many inspiring things happened during the race. The comradarie us women shared at the swim …

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  • Trainer Davey Triathlon Stretches At Grill

    3 Triathlon Stretches To Do While You’re Grilling

    I’m a summer person. Having grown up in Southern California, I’m used to an endless summer. But here in Nashville,  this warm weather won’t last forever. Even though it may be September, there are still technically a little over 2 weeks left of my favorite …

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  • How to mentally prepare for an open water swim |

    Open Water 101 For Beginner Triathletes

      Swimming is my weakest sport. In fact, I actually avoided doing a triathlon for many years because I didn’t think I was a strong swimmer. But I decided to face my fears, dive in and conquer the swim. And boy and I glad I …

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  • Screen Shot 2013 09 02 At 7.46.40 AM

    The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes

    Every time I am on my phone, Davey thinks I’m looking at Instagram or Pinterest. Every time. While that may be true most some of the time, I actually do use my phone quite a bit for my triathlon training. Believe it or not, Davey, I’m …

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