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The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes

Every time I am on my phone, Davey thinks I’m looking at Instagram or Pinterest. Every time. While that may be true most some of the time, I actually do use my phone quite a bit for my triathlon training. Believe it or not, Davey, I’m not always looking at Instagram or Pinterest. (wink, wink!)

Here are 6 of my favorite iPhone apps for triathlon training:

1. My Tri Swim Coach ($1.99)

If swimming regular laps in a pool make you so bored you want to pull your hair out, then this App is for you. Depending on the distance of your race, you can make a customized workout with some awesome drills that will spruce up your swim and improve your confidence in the water.

There are workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as a glossary that explains all of the terms they use and a section that explains the drills, complete with videos that show you exactly how to do them.

I usually put my phone in a plastic bag at the end of the pool so I have my swim workout in front of me, or I write it on an index card and take it with me to the pool to remind me what to do.

The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes |


2. May My Ride (free)

This is an awesome App for biking. It tracks your route and tells you your speed, time, distance, elevation and splits. It auto-stops when you’re held up at a light and you can share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter.

I only really use this App for the GPS tracking and workout stats, but you can follow friends, find new routes in your city, track your nutrition and calories and you can “compete” on local courses as well.

The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes |


3. Map My Run (free)

This is the same as Map My Ride, except for running. I’ve tried a few other running Apps and this is my favorite. Like Map My Ride, this App tracks your route, tells you your pace and milage and my favorite thing is that it has voice prompts that give you updates on your progress as you go.

This App will run in the background so you can also listen to music while you run. I use this App when I travel to find popular paths and running routes when I’m in a new city.

Davey just got a Garmin and we compared it with this App in a few runs and we found that it’s is not always 100% accurate and sometimes tells me that I’m running faster than I am… but I’m ok with that 🙂 The other day, Davey’s Garmin said we ran 10 miles and Map My Run clocked us in at 10.5 miles, so there is some variance, but otherwise, I love this App. I especially love it when it tells me my pace is faster than it really is.


The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes |

4. TriEssential (free)

This is a great App for beginner triathletes as it provides daily tips, motivation and inspiring quotes. The pictures are gorgeous and sometimes it’s just the motivation I need to get out the door and get my workout in.

There’s also a time projector that will help you estimate your finish time based on your pace as well as a race checklist, although we like our Race Day Checklist better 🙂

The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes |

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5. iDrated ($0.99)

For those of you who are like me and don’t drink enough water throughout the day, this App will be your new best friend. Hydration is a super important part of training for a triathlon and, with a little help from this App, you can stay on top of your water intake.

Once you set your parameters, iDrated will send you alerts to remind you to drink water. You even get a “medal” at the end of the day if you meet your daily quota! This is a fun way to stay hydrated, and for me, it’s one of the few things that works to remind me to drink more water.

The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes |

6. Collect (free)

This is not necessarily a triathlon specific App, but it’s an awesome way to document your progress. You take a picture for each day and write a caption about your training or your day.

It’s really fun to look back and see how far you’ve come and to remember both the highs and lows of your triathlon training journey. And documenting your progress is a powerful way to prove to yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to!

The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes | The Best 6 Apps For Beginner Triathletes |

So the next time Davey says, “You’re looking at Instagram again?!” I can say, “Nope, I’m triathlon training!”

What are some of your favorite triathlon training Apps?


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  1. Axel (@apkussma)
    Axel (@apkussma)09-03-2013

    Maybe I’ll try Tri Swim Coach, and iDrate, though I prefer Endomondo for mileage/fitness tracking; 1 app does running, cycling, skiing, skating, kayaking, walking, hiking… and those are just the ones I’ve actually done!

    • Jess Anderson
      Jess Anderson09-03-2013

      Sounds like a great App! I’ll have to try Endomondo out! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Axel (@apkussma)
    Axel (@apkussma)09-04-2013

    Make sure to friend/follow me, if you install it!