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3 Triathlon Stretches To Do While You’re Grilling

I’m a summer person. Having grown up in Southern California, I’m used to an endless summer. But here in Nashville,  this warm weather won’t last forever.

Even though it may be September, there are still technically a little over 2 weeks left of my favorite season. So I’m making the most of it by getting in a few more open water swims at the lake, running at 7pm while it’s still light out and by grilling as much as possible.

And speaking of grilling, here are 3 quick and super effective stretches you can do while you wait for your food to cook.

These are great because each stretch will help specifically with different triathlon movements, and having a sturdy counter really assists in getting a stretch – at least a deeper stretch that you normally couldn’t get otherwise.

1. The Dip Stretch

This is a great stretch for your shoulders and this stretch helps with the recovery phase of your swim, to lift your elbow out of the water; it helps with keeping your upper body loose on the bike because it counteracts the forward reaching, or that hunched over position on the saddle; and it also will help keep your running form more streamlined, instead of wasting energy side to side in your arm swing.

3 Triathlon stretches to do while you're grilling | #1 Dip Stretch |


2. Streamline Stretch

If you’ve been swimming hard and getting in some good workouts you’ll definitely need these next two stretches. So for this one, you’ll reach overhead and lean into this over head stretch. Press your head through your arms and use your body weight to lean into it. If you can’t straighten your elbows all the way, then you know you need to do this stretch more consistently. Having loose and limber shoulders, biceps and lats will help you have more of a reach when you swim which will help you swim more efficiently and you’ll be able to go farther with fewer strokes.

Swimming has a lot of this forward motion, so we want to keep muscle balance and flexibility by keeping the muscles and joints used in the motion loose and flexible by stretching in that range of motion.

3 Triathlon stretches to do while you're grilling | #2 The Streamline Stretch |


3. Bar-Assisted Shoulder Stretch

this one targets your rear deltoid, which again, is great for the swim. You can do this stretch standing, but if you raise your arm to target your lats, it’s sometimes it’s hard to get enough leverage for a good stretch.

With a straight arm against the bar, lean into it. Hold it for at least 30 seconds and you’ll feel those muscles start to loosen up, which honestly makes your whole upper body feel better. This one is especially good for the pull phase of your swim, and it also helps keep good upper body posture with biking and running.


3 Triathlon stretches to do while you're grilling | #3 Assisted Bar Shoulder Stretch |

So next time your out grilling, keep these 3 stretches in mind because they will be sure to help with your triathlon triathlon training technique, as well as keep you flexible, healthy and feeling great.

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