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    9 Triathlon Off Season Tips

    I guess there’s no “endless summer” for us triathletes. And although I’ve been trying to ignore it as if that would delay it’s onset, sooner or later I must accept the fact that the triathlon off season has arrived. Only just a couple weeks ago, we …

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    Shakes and Smoothies For Triathlete Nutrition

    Training hard and good nutrition go hand in hand when it comes to the sport of triathlon. As you train, you’ll want to fuel your body with the proper nutrients so you feel energized and so that your body can rebuild itself after a tough …

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    Train Your Brain: 5 Tips To Improve Your Mental Toughness

    A crazy thing happened a few weeks ago. Davey told me he didn’t want to run with me anymore. We always train for triathlons together and we have been training for the NYC marathon since August and since we want to run our first marathon …

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  • Breast Cancer Tri Gear

    Awesome Triathlon Gear That Supports Breast Cancer

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and so why not get some awesome new triathlon gear and support a great cause at the same time?!  Here are a few of my favorite swim, bike, run gear that will definitely make your triathlon training even more …

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    What’s In Jess’s Gym Bag

    I don’t pack as light as Davey does and I have a lot of things in my bag… just in case. We have a very erratic life schedule and every day is different. Sometimes, we only have a few hours here or there to fit …

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    7 Ways Triathlon Strength Training Actually Saves Time

    7 Ways To Save Time With Triathlon Strength Training “Time, time, who’s got the time?” That’s what the March Hare said in Alice and Wonderland, and he was talking about strength training for triathlon, I believe. Don’t we all run into the same problem? Well, …

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    A Few Thoughts On Ironman Kona 2013

    The biggest, most anticipated triathlon of the year, well, besides YOUR triathlon, was this past Saturday in Kona, Hawaii– the Ironman World Championship. Even though I grew up with 3 brothers and a father who watched ESPN all the time, I’ve never liked watching sports. …

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    Triathlete Nutrition – Beet & Sweet Potato Hash

    You can’t beat beets! Beets are all the rage lately… especially for triathletes. And for good reason! Beets are packed with tons of vitamins, disease fighting antioxidants and best of all, naturally occurring nitrates which help improve blood flow by opening up the blood vessels. …

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    Fun Lower Leg & Calf Exercises For Runners and Triathletes

    It’s crazy to think about the abuse your feet take in triathlon training, especially when it comes to running. Think about it: your calves push to lift your body roughly 1,500 times per mile! Not to mention that you’re landing on your foot with 2-3 …

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    What’s in Davey’s Gym Bag

    I recently had someone ask me if I could recommend a triathlon gear bag that’s not crazy expensive. That question inspired Jess and I do do a “what’s in our gym bag” post. We truly believe that you don’t have to work 3 jobs or …

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    Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That – 7 Tips For Finding Time For Your Triathlon Training Workouts

    One of my favorite YouTube videos has to be this one: Just like Sweet Brown ain’t got time for bronchitis, it’s common to feel like you ain’t got any time for triathlon training. I mean, not only do you have to train for THREE sports, …

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    Nine Strength Training Exercises Every Triathlete Should Do

    Recently, I picked up IronFit Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, and again, was reminded about how important strength training for triathletes should be. While many triathletes know that strength training is important and even realize they should better apply it to a training …

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