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The ING NYC Marathon Recap – Part 1

Running the NYC Marathon was one of the most incredible experience of our lives! Our first marathon couldn’t have been more amazing and we’re already planning on running again in 2014 if we get picked in the lottery again. (Fingers crossed!)

Our legs aren’t sore anymore, but our cheeks still hurt from smiling so much. It’s hard to put our experience into words… and if it weren’t for our beautiful medals and those AWESOME orange ponchos, we’d think it was all just a dream.

But we did it. We actually ran a marathon. And we’re still married, even after I turned into a marathon monster! 🙂 Here’s our recap:

On Halloween, we dressed up as marathon runners and drove 14 hours from Nashville to NJ. In just 2 days we’d be marathon runners for real!

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 |

On Friday we woke up to a crazy storm and were so glad that the marathon wasn’t that morning.

The storm cleared up and it turned out to be a gorgeous, and warm (!) day, so we went for a 3 mile shake out run. The trees were such vibrant colors and we felt great.

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 | Race Review

The rest of the day was spent resting and packing and checking our race day checklist over a million times to make sure we didn’t forget anything.

On Saturday morning, we took the train into the city. It was a beautiful morning, as you can see.

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 |

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 |

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 |

It was so crazy to think that we’d be running 26.2 miles in 24 hours and once we arrived at the expo and got our bibs it felt official. No turning back now!

I don’t know what it is about that bib, but until it’s physically in my hand, the race doesn’t feel official. I also may or may not panic when they’re looking for my number, in fear that they won’t be able to find it. Can you relate? Please tell me you can relate.

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 |

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 |

We explored the expo and my favorite moment was when I got to meet my NYRR training coaches! We used the 12-week NYRR virtual training program, which, by the way, is so awesome and I’d totally recommend it.

The coaches interacted with us via daily emails, Twitter, weekly Facebook chats and forums and it was so fun to finally meet them and chat with them in person! When they first saw me they said, “Hey! It’s TwoTriJess!” and the fact that they recognized me made my day!

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 -

Next stop, NY pizza!

We may not be elite runners, but we sure are elite carbo-loaders. There’s so many mixed opinions out there about carbo loading, but I love it and will continue to look forward to it as one of my favorite parts of racing.

And NY pizza… I mean, come on. YUM.

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 -

After we walked around a bit, probably more than we should’ve, we went back the hotel, drank lots of CocoHydro and relaxed with our feet up until the Marathon Eve dinner.

Even after our big pizza lunch we were pretty hungry by like 4:30, we’re marathoners after all! So we decided to take a cab and head over to the pasta dinner a bit early. We had to wait on line for about 15 minutes, but that was fine because they were blasting music and there was so much energy and excitement in the air.

And from where we were standing, we could see the finish line and that made us even more excited to run.

As soon as we entered the tent, the volunteers started cheering for us as they served us pasta, chicken and salad. The food was decent, not the best plate of pasta I’ve ever had, but the energy and being surrounded by hundreds of other runners was an absolute blast and that made up for the food.

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 -

When we left, the line to get into the dinner was over 4 blocks long and we were SO glad that we went early! We grabbed a cab back to our hotel, mixed up some Coco Hydro and turned on the news, hoping to catch any last minute marathon stories or interviews.

Unfortunately, the news was all bad news, so we changed the channel. I worked on taping our names on our shirts and we packed and checked our race day list over and over to make sure we weren’t forgetting anything.

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 -

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 -

As a treat, we stopped at 7-eleven before dinner to get some peanut M&M’s, but they were all out of them. Normally, I’d walk a few blocks and go to another store to find some, but I wanted to save my legs for the marathon and although I LOVE peanut M&M’s, I figured peanut butter M&M’s would hit the spot.

When I opened the bag, I got blue, orange and yellow M&M’s which are the NYC marathon colors! (Yellow in honor of Boston)! I thought that was so cool and so I had to take a picture of it.

The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 -

They say you never sleep well the night before a race and they (whoever “they” are) are right. Actually, I sleep just fine, but I wake up multiple times in sheer panic, thinking that I slept through my alarm and missed the race. Daylight Savings was on our side and we got an extra hour of sleep, which was wonderful.

We were up at 5 and bounded out of bed, full of excitement. Today was the day we would become marathoners!

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The ING NYC Marathon Recap - Part 1 -



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  1. Valerie

    Wow! That was so much fun to read. What a day, indeed! You guys did it! I’m so proud of you. Marathoners! Jess and Davey, you rock!

    • Jess Anderson
      Jess Anderson11-08-2013

      Aw Thanks Val! You’re so sweet! And your video helped us cross the finish!!! xoxox